We are a team of local floral designers based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We know wedding trends, the best seasonal blooms, complementary colors and pairings, and how to execute an entire wedding vision from the smallest boutonniere to the largest centerpiece and everything in between. For us, it's about understanding texture, shapes, sizes, styles, longevity, color, and even fragrance or possible allergens to create the most impossibly gorgeous floral pieces. We believe that no wedding is complete without the perfect floral complement, and our passion lies in being able to accentuate and polish every detail of your wedding with floral designs that embody your vision and your personality.



A wedding without flowers is like a cake without icing. The floral designs you choose are an expression of your personality and are used to accentuate and complete your theme or vision. Going with a country chic feel? Casual, rustic blooms like baby’s breath, peonies, sunflowers, or daisies are perfect! If you’re more of a classically elegant type of bride, choices like roses, lisianthus, or calla lilies will complement your look. If you’re going for something more modern and edgy, options like orchids, amaryllis, or gardenias are your friends, and you can complement any arragement with brooches for some non-traditional sparkle!

If you’re like most couples, the word “ranunculus” sounds like a foreign language, and figuring out which flowers fit your vision and pair well together probably sounds terrifying. This is where your floral designer comes in. Bellagala’s floral designers are wedding specialists. They have specific expertise in professionally designing floral arrangements for weddings, and that means a few things:

    - It means knowing exactly how to create professional, coordinated designs with blooms that complement each other and work for all the arrangements you need for your wedding, including bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, corsages, cake toppers, etc.

    - It means knowing how to perfectly execute a coordinated vision of the event, not just one bouquet.

    - It means being able to focus on one client and one wedding at a time

    - It means not having to fulfill orders for other people's anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and everything else, which is where large floral vendors fall short.

    - It means that they having access to the freshest flowers at the best prices from local wholesalers who only sell to wedding industry professionals.

    Designing and assembling all the floral for a wedding can be a 40+ hour time commitment that begins 2-3 days before your wedding. The commitment ends when every last stem is perfectly in place and every arrangement is delivered to its final destination, whether it's on your groom’s lapel, the pews in your church, or the top of your cake. The truth is that large scale floral shops simply aren’t able to devote their full attention to your wedding details, and small hobbyists can’t devote the amount of time and energy necessary to such an extensive project. This is why Bellagala works exclusively with floral designers who specialize in weddings in order to give you the best possible client experience.




    Every member of the Studio floral design team is creative and passionate. They each have a proven track record of quality service and incredible arrangements, and many have won awards for their designs. 


    Our Echelon-level floral designers have established themselves as respected professionals within the industry. Their sterling reputations combined with their impeccable skills, inspiration, service, and ingenuity have earned them a place at the forefront of the Bellagala floral design team.



    Your wedding florist will contact you within two business days of the receipt of a booking notification. They will then provide one complimentary in-person consultation and develop a customized quote for you based on your desires and vision. They will be able to guide you no matter what stage of planning you are in; it doesn't matter if you know exactly what kind of flowers you want or if you just have a color scheme but are clueless about the rest. Once you have approved the quote, they get to work determining exactly how to bring your floral vision to fresh and vibrant life on your wedding day.

    On your wedding day: Your floral designer will arrive early, (during the time that you are getting ready) to deliver corsages, bouquets, and boutonnieres for you and the members of your wedding party, set up any floral designs for the ceremony such as aisle accents, altar arrangements, etc. and deliver, prep, and place any arrangements necessary for your reception, (centerpieces, head table arrangements, a cake topper, etc.) They will not leave until every blossom and stem is perfectly in place and ready for your big day!


    · MATCH your floral style with a florist of your choice

    · SAVE you money with flexible pricing that works within your budget

    · CUSTOMIZE your floral design based on your unique needs

    · PROVIDE peace of mind with backup personnel

    · ELIMINATE stress by offering educational tools and online resources