Abby P

ASSOCIATE LEVEL: Starting at $1795

Strengths: Developer | Empathy | Futuristic | Belief | Includer

Captivating. Joy. Peace of Mind. Excitement. Romance. Passion. Encouragement. Value. Purpose. Story.

Those are the emotions and thoughts I want people to feel now, on their wedding day, during their engagement session, and every day after as they view their images and reminisce about the stories, for generations to come.

My name is Abby. I am an artist and adventurer. My passions include creating for others, getting to know others, and giving to others. Photography is one of God's gifts to me that I can not wait to give back to you.

On a wedding day, I will lead you to beautiful light and direct you and your family and friends to capture you with unexpected captivating beauty. Outside of the creative portrait time, I will be a photojournalist capturing moments, often when you do not even realize it, from a variety of angles and viewpoints.

Creating for others, bringing joy, meaning, purpose, excitement, and sharing the beauty in every person is what I live for.


"Very professional! Very unique photos! She did our wedding and was really awesome to work with! Abby knows how to really mix things up so you get the best photos you could ask for! really attentive! And understood the concept we were going for! She made our wedding day really special and we are so excited to have the amazing photos she got of our special day"


"Abby can bring it behind the camera! And it doesn't hurt that she's an entirely charming person, too!"