Amy C

STUDIO LEVEL: $2,095 - $3,745

Strengths: Adaptability | Competition | Maximizer | Intellection | Includer

I started in photography when I was a kid. In college, I stumbled into wedding photography and it was love at first wedding! It was like a romance novel come to life, and all my favorite things were there! It had romance, sparkly things, lists (photo, timelines...) and superheroes (that would be you two and your crew). It made me feel happy and at home. I have photographed over 500 weddings. I am very comfortable in any situation and have learned many fun skills while at these events such as tying ties, sewing dresses, making bouquets and putting out fires. I am super easy going and not the least bit sky and if I had to pick a favorite food group, it would be wedding cakes.


"Amy is AMAZING! We were so pleased with our engagement and wedding photos! Her personality made us feel comfortable and ourselves while she was shooting - making her shots perfect and capturing our day just how we remembered it. Not only will she do the standard wedding shots, but her creativity sparks so many unique and awesome shots that many photographers may no think of! Highly recommend!"


"Amy was super responsive, professional and we felt taken care of from moment one. She spent time with us before the day to talk about the schedule and then followed up afterward to make sure we were on the same page. We love the photos she captured on our wedding and recommend her highly!"