Ashley B

ECHELON LEVEL: $3,395 - $4,595

Ashley believes that a good photographer does not just take photos, but makes them. In her desire to materialize the intangible bond between a couple on their wedding day, Ashley is passionate about creating breath taking stylized images which act like pieces of art. Additionally, she makes it a point to document the natural flow of the day, striving to shed light on every minuscule detail in a creative way.

Ashley received her Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Minnesota with a concentration in photography. She has been photographing professionally for 7 years and never ceases to update herself on new techniques and tricks of the trade.


"I was particularly impressed with the quality and quantity of pictures Ashley was able to take in the limited amount of time we had in the church after the service. Everyone raves about the pictures. She captured the day exactly as I wanted. I could tell she had listened to what I wanted and took her shots accordingly. One thing she did which I appreciated is saved pictures I liked on her iPhone and reminded me of poses I wanted throughout the day. Ashley is an excellent photographer and I would strongly recommend her."

Emily & Joshua

"Ashley was an absolute pleasure to work with. She always made sure I felt beautiful and she brought so much joy and excitement to the day. She helped to de-escalate my stress level and she knew exactly when and where she needed to be without any direction. Ashley even made sure to pull up my Pinterest page to capture the photos I wanted most. I was able to share my thoughts, concerns, and fears with Ashley openly and because of this I know that I will have stellar wedding photos!"

Katey & Daniel