Jennifer M


Jennifer's passion for amazing floral design stems from over 8 years of experience as a designer. Her clients quickly realized that she had a strong ability to design amazing events and has an extensive client roster that bloomed quickly and exclusively by referrals only. With weddings being her favorite event, she is dedicated to providing a "wow-factor" to both the bride and groom and everyone in attendance of their special day. Jennifer's clients are always impressed and she is suited to fit any style or color palette while demonstrating an immense sense of individuality in her designs.

Although weddings are her specialty, she has a diverse background in floral design including extensive floral training along with an impressive list of events like fashion shows and art galas. Jennifer also dedicates a large portion of her time and expertise to non-profit companies and their events. Her most boastful recent event was designing the Governor's office at The Minnesota State Capital for the 2009 Holiday Season. While doing all of her work, Jennifer is 100% dedicated to managing her practice with the most innovative and eco-friendly techniques.


"My florist had such a wonderful eye! I had a difficult time explaining what I wanted but somehow she managed to manifest my scrambled ideas into a beautiful arrangement of flowers. She did so much with so little and the colors and flower combinations were so simple but outstanding. She matched my colors perfectly and exceeded even my own imagination. Thank you Jennifer!"

Abby & Matt

"The flowers were amazing. I felt like I could tell my florist things and she just knew what I was talking about."

Brianna & Tim