Sarah F

ASSOCIATE LEVEL: Starting at $1795

Strengths: Futuristic | Significance | Adaptability | Learner | Self Assurance

I am Sarah, a.k.a. Grace, an artist with a heart of sunshine and dreams of world travel. I am environmentalist, an optimist and a digital memory card! I live for new experiences and attempt eventful ideas in my work and in life.

I started my services with the notion that photography is elegant, graceful and extremely emotional. Capturing astonishing details and telling stories with the emotion in our eyes is what I live for. My love encompasses all things classic, unique, and full of character.

Images have the ability to speak a thousand words to one person, and leave another speechless. Pictures speak many languages to many people. The language in my pieces conveys a story. Stories consist of moments in time, an astounding feeling and all the sensory details that encompass the present.


"We hired Sarah from Bellagala for our wedding Photography. I cannot recommend her enough for other weddings. She is just fun to work with, very kind and gracious and did fabulous photography for us. I have to commend Bellagala for putting in a system where you can pick artists at various experience and skill levels so we could pick from the level we wanted and works within our budget. The moment we saw Sarah's profile we really wanted her to do our wedding photography. She met with us once to understand what kinds of stills we want and what type of wedding we are planning. She took colors, weather, location, our heights (yes, I am 5' 9" and my husband is 6' 8"), our favorite spots in the city etc into consideration and prepared a plan for achieving the idea. After that it became much easier to plan rest of our wedding. She was calm, relaxed and brought down the nervous levels so we could start enjoying the event. She did the photography as planned throughout the night and even stayed a little longer as our dance party got delayed a bit. We really had fun with her and the photos turned out super great. Bellagala has a post production team that did some more magic on her pictures. Only thing I would have done differently is to hire a second shooter. Even though it would be extra, it would be so worth it. This is a great experience!!"

Mitch & Vamsi

"Sarah has been our number one choice when we are looking to capture our family or a special moment in our lives. Some of my favorite family shots are the ones she took at Minnehaha Park a couple autumns ago. With an active four year old and two goofy dogs in tow, Sarah laughed along with us and got some amazing photos of our family, just being us. Most recently she photographed our wedding out in California! What am amazing blessing it was to have her along with us throughout our special day. Sarah's energy and spunk makes her fun to be around and easy to connect with - and the photographs she takes... breathtaking. Sarah is superbly talented. She is our favorite by a long shot!"