Stephanie H

STUDIO LEVEL: Starting at $500

Strengths: Strategic | Empathy | Woo | Communication | Adaptability

Ever since I can remember, I have always preferred anything involving flowers, plants, art, and design. I would ask to be outfield in T-ball just so I could pick the little flowers. One of my favorite childhood books illustrated wildflower identification. Planting flowers in the garden each spring was almost as exciting as watching them pop out of the soil a few weeks later. Every year, my grandma helped run the flower exhibit at our local county fair, where my brother and I would pick wildflowers to arrange and enter into the children’s category. Here I learned about the many varieties of flowers and the qualities that set the winning blooms apart. Ever since these early days, I have been obsessed with quality.

A background in visual arts and a career in the floral industry for 12 years has given me the skills to relate flowers to an overall aesthetic vision that ensures a cohesive design. I have done weddings and events that range from tiny to massive, and​ I know that flowers can change the atmosphere of your special day. I think it is important that not only your flowers are beautiful and timeless, but that they rise above trends to reflect your​ individual​ personality. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you have no idea what flowers you want, I can help create beautiful​ floral designs​​ for your wedding day.


"Stephanie designed my wedding bouquet, and it was obvious she took great care and attention to my personality in putting it together. Her unique arrangement of colors and types of flowers was the perfect touch to making me feel like a glamourous and classy bride on our special day. I would absolutely have her do flowers for me again for any occasion!"


My husband and I cannot rave loudly enough about how fantastic Steph was to work with in preparing for our wedding day--we were so confident in her talent that once we handed off our ideas, we didn't give floral design a second thought. Steph took our vision of woodland-inspired simplicity (an homage to our love of outdoor adventure) and she soared with it. She created a breathtaking bridal crown that paled the Pinterest comparisons and really pioneered the movement from veil to vine. Her corsages and bridal bouquets were meticulous and visually captivating, incorporating hop vines and seed pods to reflect our love of brewing and gardening. She even found and purchased a vintage painting of our engagement location (Mt. Rainier) to place at our gift table! Every single piece was equally as stunning as it was a real reflection of my husband and me. We were totally floored and could not have imagined a more beautiful wedding, with many thanks to Steph!