Verna P

ECHELON LEVEL: $3,395 - $4,595

Strengths: Strategic | Relator | Adaptability | Responsibility | Intellection

Born and raised in New York, Verna was introduced to photography at an early age by her father, an enthusiastic and talented amateur. He instilled in her a spark of passion for telling stories with pictures that has never been extinguished.

Verna graduated from the Fashion Institue of Technology in New York and for a number of years successfully navigated the world of corporate retail. A job offer brought her to the Minneapolis area where she has remained. Photography remained her companion, but not her vocation. As that spark of passion began to burn hotter, she closed the corporate door behind her, grabbed her camera and skipped off, never looking back.

Verna's extended portfolio includes manifold photo ventures ranging from wildlife and landscapes to editorial and portraiture. It is wedding photography however that has truly captured and focused her passion. She sought out the best in the world to learn from, revered professionals and Pulitzer Prize winners. While on a never ending quest for new enlightenment, she shyly admits that now, she is often the mentor to others. While the majority of her work is solicited by regional clientele, she has photographed weddings in many areas of the U.S and internationally also.

Verna's awards and accolades have come from all over the world. She has been described by the French critic Jean Hegberge as "a poet with a camera".


"WE ABSOULTELY LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHS! We have so many beautiful images, you truly captured our day. What we are left with now are our sweet memories and your perfect images, thank you we will cherish them forever. You were such a joy to work with and EVERYONE in our wedding party adored you."

Emily & Colby

"Verna was a joy to work with. She has the ability to instantly make you feel at ease, and to capture photographs that are unique and representative of your relationship. The images we received from our engagement session were all that we could have asked for. We heard from one of out wedding guests that when they received our RSVP the picture was so lovely they almost threw it out thinking it was an advertisement for holiday greeting cards!"

Kristine & Tyler