STUDIO LEVEL:  $1,095 - $1,495

Strengths: Learner | Intellection | Ideation | Context | Analytical

I love music and a good dance party. It's fun for me to join a group of friends or even strangers and enjoy some good music together and get wild and silly on the dance floor. I find great satisfaction in bringing good music and fun to a gathering. I think it's important because people need to take a break from the challenges of day-to-day life. I find that when it comes to weddings, the romantic in me comes alive as well.

 Aside from being a DJ, I am also an educator, a tutor, and a lifelong student. I earned my bachelors in mathematics and my masters in religious studies. One of my hobbies as a lifelong learner is to read on a variety of subjects, including philosophy, global studies, and interdisciplinary education.  I also like to write scripts for short films. They tend to be quirky and humorous.  When I spend time with friends, I go to music shows, art shows, watch movies, or just meet up for coffee and conversation.

As a wedding DJ, I want to help people capture the grandness and joyfulness of the occasion. Combining music and dance is a perfect way to celebrate and I feel confident that I have the skillset to create a memorial event.


“Daniel was really easy to work with, communicative, and really helpful in helping us pick out the music that we wanted. He was super professional while at the event and didn't distract from the reception, only added to it while helping to provide an awesome soundtrack for our reception. He played a solid mix and everyone that attended had good things to say about the mix I helped pick out and that he executed. He kept people dancing and was respectful to our instructions and our guests.” NICOLE & ANDREW


“Daniel was AWESOME to work with! He was helpful, easy to work with, and so nice! He was also professional with us and our guests. From being a picky person, perfectionist, and someone who was worried on DJ services in general (from any company) picking Bellagala and being matched with Daniel was perfect! So thank you!” ALEXANDRA & JOE


“Daniel was a fantastic DJ and perfect for our wedding! Throughout the course of the week prior to our big day, he was extremely open to our preferences and consistently detail oriented in helping to coordinate the music and facilitate a smooth ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. On the night of, he continued to be receptive to our desires, but also cognizant of moving the night along in a timely fashion. He checked in with us frequently and genuinely and really seemed to enjoy himself. He also (somewhat miraculously!) found Greek music for our families to dance to! We heard only good things about the music played, and we credit this entirely to Daniel and his positive demeanor. Great guy, great DJ - highly recommended!” EMILY & BOBBY