ASSOCIATE LEVEL:  $1,095 - $1,495

Strengths: Strategic | Achiever | Intellection | Responsibility | Competition

If you had to give yourself a "DJ Name" what would it be? DJ G

One little known fact about you? When I was a kid, I used to have my hair to my knees and I was blond.

What is your all-time favorite song? I'm a major music nerd so I don't have a favorite.

If you weren't a wedding DJ, what other career path could you see yourself in? I'm a music teacher as well as a musician. I'm also an actor. I'm already doing what I love and being a wedding DJ is a great addition to a varied artistic career. If I were to choose a career completely different from this area, it would be physics. 

If you could be any particular singer or musician, who would you be? I'd say someone like Adele or Peggy Lee, maybe rock or jazz musician, and opera. My musical tastes are varied and those listed are areas that I think have some of the most originality and creative voices around. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? Paint, draw, and read. My library card gets a lot of use. When I do have some downtime, I watch entirely too much tv and movies. The on demand option is a wonderful invention. 

If your life was a song what would the title be? Organized Chaos and Eclectic Design

How would you describe your emcee style? I tend to be pretty centered and keep a good sense of humor about myself. It really depends on the read of the room and client. If I need to ramp it up a bit, I do or if there needs to be a calming factor, I'll go down that road. 

What do you do to create that WOW factor at a wedding? Make sure to read the room, listen to the client, and anticipate some neat music options that maybe they didn't think of before but fit beautifully. I want this to be as stress free as possible for the bride and groom so they can enjoy their day!

Tell me about the best dance you've ever attended. The best dance I have attended was when I did one of my dj shadows. The dj I was observing kept the pace moving, lively, and was fully engaged with the party. It made for a fun experience and you could tell that people wanted to be there and dance. The music selection was varied and had a nice flow. A very neat event!

Favorite artist/group? Too many artists and groups to count. I'd say the genres I tend to gravitate towards are rock, alt. rock, indie, folk, jazz, blues, classical, and the occasional rap song but I am super picky about rap. There's just so much out there to enjoy.


“Our DJ was fantastic to work with! Her communication and planning leading up to the event was excellent which allowed her to tailor the experience to meet our preferences exactly. She was very professional and didn't miss a detail. Most importantly, the dance floor was packed all night! Couldn't have asked for more from her and the DJ experience through Bellagala!” 

“Our Bellagala Disc Jockey was a complete pleasure to work with. She did so well at checking in with us throughout the night without interrupting our moments or the experience of our guests. She made sure to adjust any music to our guests and played all requested songs. She helped us get our party going by dancing with our guests and even teaching them line dances. We highly recommend her!” 

“Our DJ was outstanding! Working with her was as easiest as it could get and never stressed us in the process of wedding planning. She understood the crowd and knew what kind of music to play. Our dance floor was packed the WHOLE night! The music was flawless with its transitions, music variety, and being interactive with the crowd. Easy to work with and really listens to what the bride and groom want.”

“Our DJ was very attentive and constantly asked if we wanted to change anything during the dance. She was very helpful in helping us pick out music and make recommendations. We had several people at our wedding say the music choices were perfect! And it was evidenced by the number of people dancing throughout the night.”

“My Bellagala Disc Jockey was very professional and easy to work with. From our initial meeting to our wedding day he kept us on track and stress free! The dance floor was packed all night, we couldn't have asked for a better DJ!”