STUDIO LEVEL:  $1,095 - $1,495

Strengths: Adaptability | Connectedness | Strategic | Input | Individualization

When I completed my first wedding reception In July of 2012, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue. My initial interest in this position was due to my lifelong passion for music and working with people, but after seeing all the dancing, laughter, smiles and happiness from the bride & groom, as well as their friends and family, it became impossible for me to not fall in love with this job. Being able to work with music and all kinds of different people is awesome, but my passion for this job comes from being in a position where I can help create amazing, lifelong moments for our clients. Four years and 200 wedding receptions later, I am in love with this job every bit as much as when I first started. 

Without question, planning a wedding is a lot work and can certainly be stressful. However, the wedding itself should be anything but stressful! That’s why I look forward to handling all the logistics of your day so that you can relax and have a great time! I love my job, I love to have fun and once the dance floor is open, my top priority is simple: get people out on the dance floor! As your DJ, I want your friends, family and guests to be talking about how awesome your wedding was for many years to come. 

It’s difficult for me to put a label on any specific type of music I like because I take a serious interest in all types of music. However, my favorite band to ever grace the earth is The Beatles! At this point, I probably know more about The Beatles than I do about myself and I never grow tired of listening to them. 

When I’m not behind the DJ table, I’m working full-time as the DJ Manager for Bellagala, which includes doing all the hiring, training and coaching of our DJs. I’m extremely fortunate to be in this position and couldn’t be happier with the team of DJs that we have on staff! In my free-time, I enjoy playing guitar, drums, watching sports and long distance running. I wish you the best of luck in all of your wedding planning! 


"Mike was amazing. He called us the week before the wedding to finalize the details and even offered to play the acoustic guitar as an extra perk for free. He introduced himself to both of us right away on that day upon arrival. He had everything setup well before our outdoor ceremony. When the outdoor ceremony was rained out and we had to make a last minute decision to move it to the balcony, he moved the equipment without us having to tell him to. When the reception started, he had the equipment set up in the dance area and started playing guitar. We received so many compliments on his playing and that it was a nice addition. He was very entertaining and really engaged the crowd. A lot of our family said they've never had a more fun dancing at a wedding. We had many things go wrong on our wedding, but Mike's DJ service was one of the things that went right. Thank you so much for everything!" MELODY & JUSTIN 

"Mike was so much fun to work with! He was very thorough in collecting everything he needed to get ready for the day. Our ceremony was held three miles from our reception site. Mike managed both event with grace and worked hard to keep us entertained at both locations. My favorite thing about Mike, aside from his great tunes and adjusting the music selections through the night to keep up with the my requests (as the bride), is that he was rocking out to the music from behind his table. He brought great energy to our wedding. We would definitely hire him all over again.” KATE & KORY

"We cannot say enough great things about Mike. He was helpful with planning the amount of time needed for our prelude music, gave great reccomendations for mother/son and father/daughter songs, had a great speaking voice to introduce our special guests and wedding party and played a great range of music to keep our guests dancing all night long!" TERA & DUSTIN