What’s so special about PhotoMingle?

PhotoMingle is truly remarkable. It’s intuitively navigable so your guests will need very little guidance from the on-site 

attendant. Its touchscreen interface makes it easy to operate and draw or write messages on the pictures you and your guests take. You can share the images via email or social media, or print them instantly. You also get every image delivered to you digitally. It’s the latest in interactive guestbook, photo booth, and entertainment technology.

Can I see PhotoMingle in action before I book?

Yes! We have a PhotoMingle stationed at our office in St. Paul (located within A’BULAE Event Center) so you can see how it works before you reserve. Our staff will be happy to help snap a photo for you during your consultation!

Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?

No! You may take as many pictures as you want on PhotoMingle. The only restrictions are on time (standard reservations are for four hours,) and the number of prints you can receive on-site (echelon Photo Station and PhotoMingle packages include 200). You’ll receive a digital download of all your images after your event. 

What is the PhotoMingle is capable of?

· Capture and personalize photos

· Write messages and draw on your images - all with your


· Share your photos instantly via a designated social media account (Facebook and/or Twitter; requires a WiFi connection)

· Print your favorite shots directly from PhotoMingle (prints are 4x6, high resolution images)

· Email photos to yourself and your friends right from 

PhotoMingle (requires a WiFi connection)

· Custom footers for your PhotoMingle images with your names, event date, whatever you want!


When will the photos be online? 

Your photos will be online about four to six weeks after your wedding. 

How will we know when our photos are ready? 

You will receive an e-mail when your photos are available online for viewing in your private gallery. Ordering online can be done at this time.

Can we choose if the pictures are in color or black and white? 

We default all the photos to color. If you prefer your pictures in black and white, please talk to your sales representative.

Do we have to use the included backdrop?

No. If you prefer a different backdrop or none at all, that is fine with us. Our standard backdrop is a white photo backdrop. The Echelon level package comes with a standard black backdrop. Either package may be upgraded to a gold or silver backdrop.

What kinds of props come with the photo station?

We supply an assortment of various hats, glasses, boas, beads, etc. You are also welcome to bring your own props for any photo station.

What time should the Photo Station open? 

The Photo Station is enjoyed most by guests in the later hours of the evening, after dinner. ​

What are the reprint prices?

All prints are done on archival quality paper through our online proofing and printing center.

· 4x6 print - $3.99

· 5x7 print - $5.99

· 8x10 print - $9.99

· 11x14 print - $19.99


Before your wedding day

Our coordinator will reach out to you to confirm location and determine start and end time. We will also work with you to create a customized background, photo border design and set up the links to Facebook (if these are included in your package.)

On your wedding day

The photo booth attendant will arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to set up their equipment. Your guests are welcome to participate at any time after setup is complete, with the attendant present at all times to engage and assist people, take photos, operate the equipment and troubleshoot if need be. 

After your wedding 

Your images will be available online 4-6 weeks after your event. 


Photomingle $1,195- $1,395

 Up to 4 hours of rental time

· A full-time, dedicated operator to set up, break down, answer questions and provide direction

· High-definition MinglePrints™ printed at your event for your guests (200 prints included)

· Facebook and Twitter posting and tagging (requires WiFi connection)

· Photo emailing (requires WiFi connection)

· Access to our exclusive MingleMerchandise™ portal, where you and your guests can order:

       · Large-format prints and digital downloads

       · MingleBooks™

       · MingleMosaic™ posters

       · Mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts... etc!

Classic Photo Station $595

Package Includes:

· Four hours of shooting

· Assorted props included
· White backdrop

· Color images

· Unlimited photos

· Digital download of images


· Additional hours

· Gold Backdrop

· Silver Backdrop

Echelon Photo Station $895

Package Includes:

· Four hours of shooting

· Assorted props included
· Black backdrop

· On-site printer

· 200 prints included

· Color images

· Unlimited photos

· Digital download of images


· Unlimited Prints

· Gold Backdrop

· Silver Backdrop