Our system allows us the flexibility to perform at intimate sites such as the Gale Mansion, Minnesota Boat Club and Nicollet Island Inn without eliminating needed floor space and guest seating. At the same time, the strength and power of the internal JBL amplifiers provide us with the ability to match the grandeur of any large venue such as Christos Union Depot, The Great Hall, Landmark Center, International Market Square, and A’BULAE.

We are proud to be one the few DJ companies in the Twin Cities that utilizes a laptop with a DJ controller and professional DJ software for each and every system. Our Serato DJ software allows our DJs to use pre-created playlists which include dance hits that span all musical eras. The HP Elitebook laptop provides our DJs with a very stable source of music, however in the case of emergency, our DJs will use our Cortex Hard Drive Music System, which was our primary source of music before our system upgrade in 2015.

Professional Sound & Light

Exceeding Industry Standards


a. Pioneer DDJ SB  USB MIDI Controller

DJ Interface for Serato DJ Software, Allows DJ’s to use custom Bellagala Playlists.

b. HP EliteBook 6930p Laptop | Serato DJ Intro Sofware

Laptop and software that provide rock-solid stability on proven professional standard platforms.

c. American Audio QSD 4 Channel Audio Mixer with SD card player

Audio mixer, also plays from SD cards. Used as added backup for vitally important song selections.

d. Cortex HD-1000 Hard Drive Music System

Hard drive based music, used as a comprehensive backup. Includes a full music library in case of emergency.

e. EV R300 Wireless Microphone

Professional-grade wireless microphone captures and broadcasts speeches.

State of The Art Technology

Increases Your DJ's Ability to Meet Your Expectations


f. Chauvet 4 Bar Tri LED Dance floor Lighting

High-quality lighting wask for illuminating the dancefloor and creating energy.

g. American DJ / Chauvet Misc. Dance floor Effect Lighting

Exciting effects lights that create moving, pulsating displays on the dancefloor.

h. American DJ Light Copilot Dance floor Lighting Controller

Allows the DJ to control multiple effect lights and create a variety of lighting.

i. EV-ELX 12p, EV-ELX 15p, JBL-EON 12 500 Series, JBL-EON 12 Generation 2

Professional-grade, high-end powered loudspeakers to project crystal-clear audio throughout any size venue.

Unlimited Dance Time

Start before your guests arrive, ends when the site closes.


If you are like most people, you recognize music when you hear it. That is why we have developed the online interactive Music Listening Center which allows you to listen to music, customize, and revise your playlists during the planning process. It even calculates the amount of time your song selections take up, so you know how much music can be played. Add music to your ceremony, social hour, dinner and dance playlists as you see fit. One of the most popular features of our Music Listening Center is the “do not  play” playlist. If you do not want to hear a song, you won’t!

Music Listening Center

Brings A Whole New Dimension to Picking Your Music


You can have peace of mind. Bellagala always has back-up equipment, back-up DJs and a back-up technicians scheduled to be available on the day of your wedding, in the unlikely event of any problems. 

On-Call Back-Up DJs & Equipment

The Ultimate Luxury…Peace of Mind


At Bellagala, each couple is asked to fill out our DJ Profile. Our indepth profile is a state-of-the-art planning tool designed to determine your specific needs and desires for your wedding. We ask you the right questions so we know exactly what your vision is, and there will be no surprises on your wedding day. By asking these questions, we will understand your expectations and be able to deliver a service truly customized to you and your day.  

While the profiles are a necessary tool, they are just a stepping stone towards creating a framework for the phone call with your DJ. A successful DJ knows that the event’s success depends on the quality of the planning prior to the event. The reality is that having a great DJ begins with a great phone call.



With every Bellagala service, you get our unique style coupled with convenience. Only with Bellagala do you find such detailed questionnaires that assist in turning weddings into well-orchestrated events. Your DJ Profile helps your disc jockey get to know you and your style so he/she will understand all the details of your special day.