Think about the best wedding you’ve ever been to. Why do you remember it so well? It’s probably not because the photographer did a great job or because the flowers were amazing, it’s probably because you had a great time at the reception. 

While things like photography and floral design are very important elements to consider for the bride and groom, for guests, the party is what really matters. A DJ is far more than someone who just plays music at your reception. We are event facilitators, emcees, and Masters of Ceremonies, and it’s our job to make sure a good time is had by all. We make sure your guests leave your reception wearing flip flops and carrying their shoes, feet so sore from dancing the night away, and that your reception becomes the standard to which all others are compared.



Understanding how to play to a crowd, coordinate an event, and keep people dancing takes a certain skill set, one our DJs are specifically trained to develop and utilize. It's so much more than just playing music. It's knowing how to mix songs and announcements together so the event flow never stops and knowing how to communicate with and engage your guests so they want to dance. Most importantly, it's  making sure that the bride and groom's needs and expectations are being met and your reception is running seamlessly to deliver an experience that you will never forget. Not everyone has the necessary skill set to DJ a wedding, which is why all our DJs are required to pass a thorough certification course before working any events. Every single DJ on our staff, starting with our Associate level team have the training and experience necessary to make your wedding reception a smashing success. Our senior level Studio and Echelon DJs have had years of experience perfecting and honing their skills and broadening their experience to the point that they innately and instinctively know exactly how to read and engage your guests.




Professionally trained and Bellagala Certified, Associate DJs are matched with each couple based on the completed client profiles, the venue hosting the event, and the type of personality that you prefer to work with. Drawing from their experience, they will personalize your event to your standards.


Choosing a Studio DJ immediately puts an experienced voice in your corner. You select your DJ from our fastest growing team, and they will work with you to coordinate the details of your event. Developing a personal relationship with your DJ ultimately helps you design the reception that wows!


Our elite team of Echelon DJs have dedicated a minimum of 15 years to perfecting their craft. With over 500 weddings each to their credit, you simply 

cannot find a more experienced and professional DJ for your wedding. This is the pinnacle of DJ service!



At Bellagala, we’ve developed an in-depth client profile for you to complete prior to your event. We ask you the right questions so there is no second-guessing or miscommunication. You have total control over the flow of your reception, and your DJ is there to make sure your vision is executed to your standards. The profile tells them exactly what you want and allows your DJ to customize your event. After reviewing your profile, your DJ will follow up with a phone call to clarify all the details and fill in any blanks before your wedding and fill in any blanks. A successful wedding disc jockey knows that an event's success depends on the quality of the phone call. It's knowing the right questions to ask and when to ask them. It's also knowing what to ask even when answers in the profile are vague or are missing. The reality is that having a great DJ begins with a great phone call. 

Before your wedding:


Your DJ will be in touch with you no later than Wednesday the week of your event and will confirm the details and music you've outlined in your online profile. Your DJ will run through names, schedule & timeline, and any events you've planned. 


Your DJ will be in touch with you 1-2 days after booking and will work with you throughout the process to deveop a game plan for your reception, a flow for the evening's events and the musical entertainment for the night. 

Your online account manager is at your disposal to plan any must plays or do not plays and music for your social hour, dinner, and dance. (We suggest using this as a supplementary guide, not a minute-by-minute scheduler. Your DJ is a professional and will use your profile as an outline to custom craft your perfect mood and music.)

On your wedding day:

Your DJ will arrive 90 minutes prior to your guests to begin setup and to ensure that the stage is already set by the time they begin to arrive. They will play continuous music from the time they finish setup, throughout dinner, and up to the ending time determined by your event site. During your reception, they will play social hour and dinner music, coordinate speeches and toasts, accommodate guest requests if you choose to allow them during the dance, and coordinate any special dances or other events such as an anniversary dance, dollar dance, bouquet/garter tosses, etc. based on your profile and any other communication. You and your guests get to kick back, relax, and dance the night away!


· PRESERVE the elegance of your wedding

· SAVE you money and minimize the stress with one-rate pricing

· CUSTOMIZE your wedding music based on your unique requests

· PROVIDE peace of mind with backup DJs and equipment

· ELIMINATE the need for an appointment with your DJ service