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Can we choose any color(s)?

Yes, and adding multiple colors can create a warm atmosphere and pull the whole theme of your wedding together. Our experts recommend no more than three colors in the same family. You may choose the colors from the color wheel that we will provide for you. Bright, vibrant colors or lighter shades tend to translate the best to light. It’s important to keep in mind that dark colors like a deep purples or navy blues are difficult to accomplish.


Can we do an on-site visit at our venue to see what works best?

Yes, Bella Grand and Bella Echelon both include an onsite consultation with our lighting expert to determine what the best arrangement would be for your venue. Or if you're looking for another custom option, we're happy to arrange meetings for that as well.


Can we have a custom monogram or design developed for our dance floor?

Yes, a custom gobo is an easy way to add personality and a unique touch to your wedding. The gobo can be your names, a monogram, or other design. This can also shine on a wall to fill any space.


How many lights do you need to fill an open space?

Each space is so unique that it’s difficult to say offhand, and this also depends on the level of illumination and intensity you want, so we recommend speaking with someone on our team to help determine which package is the best fit for your space and your expectations. From there, you can add lights to a package or build a custom package for your venue to best suit your needs.


When will the lights get set up?

The setup is built into the packages and done by your Bellagala DJ or a lighting expert prior to guest arrival at your venue. Your DJ or lighting tech will also take care of tear down and transport.


I don't really know where to start. Do you have any tips to help me? 

Tip #1

Make sure you have enough lighting to cover your venue! We've seen events where the lighting was just enough to illuminate a specific object/item. This typically results in a need to bring up the house lights drastically reducing the dramatic look and feel (and the purpose) of event lighting.


Tip #2

Best practices for wedding lighting is to lower all ambient light to about twenty percent. Use wedding lighting to focus the attention of your guests on key elements such as the dance floor, entrance, cake, floral etc.



$595 - $1,795

Nobody knows a crowd of dancers better than a DJ, and nothing amps up the party better than great music coupled with great lighting.

Nothing ruins a great photo faster than a drab background. Make your reception photos pop with colored uplighting!

$995 - $6,995

$495 - $9,995

Gorgeous floral deserves to be highlighted. Augment your bouquets and centerpieces with coordinated uplighting.

$1,295 - $4,995+

Coordinate your colors down to every last detail – your lighting – with the help of an expert wedding planner.