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What is the nature of your relationship with your photographers?

We work with top-tier photographers who focus on photography, not running a business. Most of our photographers shoot the majority of their weddings through Bellagala. Some photographers shoot weddings outside Bellagala, however they tend to be more expensive for the same product and/or simply cannot offer the same product as Bellagala. This is because Bellagala's post production and finished album resources far exceed the capability of an individual photographer, which allows Bellagala to provide an awesome value.


Will I receive more personalized service from a photography studio that has multiple photographers or a solo photographer?

Most photographers got into business because they liked taking photos and they soon realized they could charge for their services. As a photographer becomes more successful, the time previously spent shooting slowly shifts into areas that are not their strength; organization, administrative, and business operations, but of course, they now need to now juggle multiple balls to keep things rolling. At Bellagala, photographers are able to focus on the clients and shooting the images. We focus on the business details.


What is the difference between a photographer who only charges $1,000 and one who charges $2,500+?

While Bellagala prices vary in range from $995 - $9,995, you certainly can find a cheaper option. What you won't find is a cheaper option at the quality we offer. We are able to offer unbelievable packages because we do more weddings.  Typically, an independent photographer charging $1,000 for an entire day of shooting is new to the industry and hasn't invested in quality equipment or training, which can cost upwards of $10,000. The cheaper photographers think that photography is a fun hobby instead of a business. That said, Bellagala does now offer an apprentice package starting at $995. It combines our resources with emerging professional photographers to offer the Bellagala look at an entry-level price.


What is so special about your finished albums?

We have partnered with the premier finished album company, Graphistudio (Oprah even uses them for her photo albums!). Our albums feature seamless binding, archival printing, stunning layouts and cover options. These quality albums are hand-made in Italy by the finest artists and designers. Unlike online album services, Graphistudio albums are made to last a lifetime (or longer). Your album will still be beautiful after hundreds of viewings (and trust us, you will love your photos so much you will look at them at least 100 times!) and is an heirloom piece for the next generations.


Why do other photographers charge so much for finished albums and Bellagala does not?

We feel that it is best to be up front with all the costs associated with photography. There are so many different package options that it can be hard to discern real value. Other photographers set their package prices lower and don't include an album. After the wedding they make money by selling you add-on products.


What sort of backup systems do you have for storing our images?

Digital photos have a distinct disadvantage over film if one is not properly equipped. In 2009, Bellagala invested into onsite and offsite servers, CD backup and a series of other internal back up measures to make sure we always have your wedding photos, in case you lose them. Although it may seem trivial to ask about these technical issues, if your photographer seems unclear about the technical process in which they backup data, it's likely that they have insufficient backup and your wedding photos are at risk.


Do you offer engagement and/or Rock the Dress sessions?

Yes! An engagement session is a great way to start developing a relationship with your photographer. You'll also receive 60 images from your session to use as you wish. (They're perfect for Save the Dates!) You can also add a Rock the Dress session to your photography package. This is a great opportunity to wear that fabulous gown one more time before you put it away, and it also gives you an opportunity to capture some of those more creative, editorial-style images with an edge! Contact your sales consultant for more details and to add either an engagement or Rock the Dress session to any photography package.


How much experience do your photographers have?

It depends. Some have 10+ years, while others have three years. We have found that time in business does not always equate to better photographs or a better experience. It's more imporant to find a photographer whose style and personality you love!


My friend's photographer didn't take a photo of her and her mom alone. How do I make sure my photographer doesn't miss my important shots?

You'll have the opportunity to discuss those must-have pictures in detail with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Completing the photography profile in your online account manager will also help them make sure they don't miss a thing! It's very important to be vocal about your expectations with your photographer; they can't know what shots are important to you unless you tell them!


What are reprint prices?

If you would like to order professional grade prints, this can be done so through our online proofing and printing center. All images are printed on archival quality paper.

4x6 print - $7.99

5x7 print - $9.99

8x10 print - $19.99

11x14 print - $35.99


How do we order an album?

Once your images are ready, you will fill out our finished album order form in your online account manager, where you will choose your photos, layout style and cover.


Can we add more images and/or pages to our album?

Yes, please contact your sales representative for specific pricing and options.


What is the deposit?

We require a $700 deposit. (It’s refundable for 14 days.)


When do we pay the balance?

Three weeks prior to your event date final payment is due. Any additional charges accrued the day of your wedding will be automatically billed to your credit card on file.


How much editing will you do to my photos?

Bellagala's in-house Post Production team individually color corrects each and every image you'll receive. This process ensures your images look as true to life as the day they were taken. Then 10%-15% of your images will also have bonus enhancements applied to them to give them more of a fine art appearance. (You receive both the color corrected and enhanced versions.) If you would like to request any additional retouching or editing, please contact your sales consultant.


Do I get to choose which images are enhanced?

We want to make sure you have the opportunity to indicate which enhancement techniques are the most appealing to you, and your online photography profile allows you to do just that. We have a specialized profile that is specifically focused on your post production preferences. From there, our team uses their training and expertise to determine which of your images would be best complemented by the techniques you've chosen.


I don't really know where to start. Do you have any tips?

Tip #1

A fun engagement session location is the new Guthrie Theater downtown Minneapolis. It is versatile, indoors or out, and provides a funky urban backdrop. The architecture of the space is amazing. The Guthrie provides a good alternative to some of the more popular engagement session locations. Also, it is close to the stone arch bridge, Mill City Museum and Gold Medal park, which make for great backdrops as well!


Tip #2

Make sure that you connect with your photographer. The more comfortable you are with them, the better your photos will be.


Tip #3

When shopping for a photographer, ask what the package includes. Not all packages are created equal and that can vary the price by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


Tip #4

Everyone should have a finished album to show off their beautiful photos and to relive every moment from their big day. Albums come in a wide range of styles and colors, as well as prices. If your package doesn't include an album up front, expect to spend $1,000 or more after your wedding on a professional finished album.


Tip #5

Create a wedding photos inspiration Pinterest board, tear out photos from magazines, or print pictures from online of different shots you like. It will help your photographer get a feel for your style and what types of shots you prefer. Additionally, your photographer will work with you to achieve any other photos that may be important to you on your wedding day.


How do I make sure I look natural in my portraits?

Historically the portrait portion of the wedding day is not something couples look forward to. Posed portraits can look stiff and uncomfortable and they take up precious time on the wedding day. The biggest factor in fun and effortless portraits is the relationship you have with your photographer. Spending time getting to know him/her prior to your wedding day will help you feel more comfortable resulting in a quicker posed session.


A few tips for natural and effortless wedding portraits are included below:


1. Relax! Have fun and laugh.

Laughing increases your circulation making you feel and look good. Take breaks if you feel yourself getting tense or tired.


2. Plan ahead.

Talk with your photographer to establish your portrait list. On the day of your wedding, this list will provide structure, order and make the portraits go smoother and faster. You will be at ease knowing that every shot will be captured and no family member will be missed.


3. Go outdoors.

The great outdoors is a great setting for your portraits. Natural light eliminates the need for huge lights that can be intimidating.


$1,045 - $4,845

$70 - $545+

$495 - $9,995

$595 - $1,795

Imagine your photographer and videographer working together in perfect, collaborative harmony. Not a moment gets missed.

Put the perfect finish on your wedding photos with flawless hair and makeup. Go on with your bad self, you gorgeous thing.

Pretty flowers AND a pretty face? The combination is a photographer’s dream, and the camera will love you for it.

When your photographer and DJ work together, every moment is seamlessly coordinated, announced, and captured.