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Apprentice photographers have 1-3 years’ experience in the wedding industry, and regularly assist our upper level shooters. They are gaining the experience needed to move up to the Associate level, and are developing their talent and honing their skills.

ASSOCIATE LEVEL $1,495 - $2,895

Our Bellagala Certified Associate lead photographers have 3-6 years of experience shooting weddings, and have a proven track record of high quality service and creative work. They are working on furthering their creative and technical skills and developing their portfolio to move up to the Studio lead level.

Studio lead photographers are established professionals in the wedding industry, who have 5+ years experience as lead shooters. They have spent years developing their skills and have a solid technical background and an established creative style. They are on their way to becoming Echelon level shooters.

STUDIO LEVEL $1,795 - $3,395


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Echelon level photographers are some of the most talented and passionate photographers in the industry. They have established themselves as top-tier professionals, and produce some of the best and most sought after work in the area. This is an elite group of some of the best photographers in the business.

ECHELON LEVEL $3,495 - $6,995


"Our photographer Angeli was amazing. She exceeded all our expectations. I cannot recommend her and Bellagala highly enough. I will tell everyone!" View More Reviews


$1,045 - $4,845

$70 - $545+

$495 - $9,995

$595 - $1,795

Imagine your photographer and videographer working together in perfect, collaborative harmony. Not a moment gets missed.

Put the perfect finish on your wedding photos with flawless hair and makeup. Go on with your bad self, you gorgeous thing.

Pretty flowers AND a pretty face? The combination is a photographer’s dream, and the camera will love you for it.

When your photographer and DJ work together, every moment is seamlessly coordinated, announced, and captured.