Videographer - Kelly O

Videographer - Kelly O

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  • Videographer will contact you within one week of confirmed booking
  • Packages 100% Refundable for 14 Days
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Professional video equipment
  • Back-up Lead Videographer On-Call
  • Professional post-production with 8 - 10 week turnaround time
  • High-resolution links with full rights to download and share
    • 4 - 6 Minute Highlight Video 
    • Full Ceremony Video
    • Reception Events Video
  • Customization Options
    • Hours of coverage
    • 2nd Videographer
    • Unedited Footage
      • Raw, unconverted footage from your event
      • Samsung T7 Shield 1 TB SSD + Cables
      • Carrying case


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central St. Paul

Introducing Kelly, the artistic storyteller behind the lens, whose passions and creativity infuse every frame with love and magic. Beyond capturing weddings, Kelly's vibrant spirit takes her on captivating journeys of yoga, meditation, and movement with hula hoops. She finds inspiration in the melodies of life, intertwining music seamlessly into her work.

Kelly views each wedding as a sacred tapestry of cherished moments, where time stands still, and love blossoms. Her goal is to craft an authentic and personalized narrative that truly reflects the couple's unique journey. Drawing from her graphic design education, the pulsating music scene, and collaborations with talented artists, Kelly pours her heart and soul into every project.

Spanning across diverse genres like content creation, music, portraits, and weddings, Kelly's lens captures the essence of love and celebration. When she's not creating captivating visual stories, you'll find Kelly relishing precious moments with her partner, surrounded by their three feline companions. Nature's embrace beckons her, and she seeks solace in outdoor adventures, attending local music events, and nurturing her flourishing garden and plants.

Kelly's whimsical and empathetic soul finds beauty in the tiniest, hidden details that make life extraordinary. With her intuitive approach, she uncovers the essence of your love story, crafting a masterpiece that celebrates your unique connection. If you're yearning to immortalize your journey in an enchanting and creative way, Kelly is the perfect artist to bring your vision to life. Let her lens capture the magic, the laughter, and the tears, creating memories that will dance forever in your hearts.