What is the nature of your relationship with your photographers?

We work with top-tier photographers who focus on photography, not running a business. Most of our photographers shoot the majority of their weddings through Bellagala. Some photographers shoot weddings outside Bellagala, however they tend to be more expensive for the same product and/or simply cannot offer the same product as Bellagala. This is because Bellagala’s post production and finished album resources far exceed the capability of an individual photographer, which allows Bellagala to provide an awesome value.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes! An engagement session is a great way to start developing a relationship with your photographer. Your engagement session will be 60-90 minutes. You will receive 60 images to review with your photographer to better understand your style, wants, needs and expectations for the big day.

How do I make sure my photographer doesn’t miss my important shots?

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss those must-have pictures in detail with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Completing the photography profile in your online account manager will also help them make sure they don’t miss a thing! It’s very important to be vocal about your expectations with your photographer; they can’t know what shots are important to you unless you tell them!

How soon will our pictures be ready after our wedding?

Bellagala has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Your pictures will be up online for your viewing approximately 4 - 6 weeks after your event date.

Can I meet/talk with my photographer?

Yes! After placing your deposit, you can connect with your photographer right away to ensure they are the best fit for your big day. You will have unlimited access to them throughout your planning, and can connect with them in person, via email, phone or video chat.

Will I have copyrights on my photos?

Yes! Your package includes copyrights for all of your photos. This means you can take them wherever you would like for printing or

duplicating. We do offer a studio-grade printing option after you download your images - you can choose from a variety of sizes and have the printed images shipped right to your doorstep!

Can I have all of the images from the day?

Yes. However, we highly recommend reviewing your 700 images before purchasing all the raw files. Our photographers make it a mission to ensure that every special moment of your day is fully represented in your 700 images.

How will my photos be delivered (CD, flash drive, online)?


Your photos will be delivered in a digital download. This is a great option because you will have access to your photos immediately after post production is finished. After downloading your images, you will have the ability to put them on as many CDs or flash drives as you would like!

Do I select my second shooter?

Your second shooter will be selected by your lead photographer. Your lead photographers generally work with three to four go-to photographers that complement their style and round out their strengths. After meeting you and better understanding your wants/needs, they will select the best second shooter to help execute your vision.

Does the deposit go towards the final balance?

Yes! Your deposit goes toward your total service packages and is fully refundable for 14 business days.


Can we go to multiple locations on my wedding day?

Yes! You will be able to create a custom timeline with as many locations as you want to execute your photography vision! If you should need to add on any additional hours to accommodate this, you can do so at any time prior to your wedding day.

Do I tip my photographer?

It’s completely at your discretion! As in all services in the wedding industry, it is just that—a service. We find that it is common for couples to tip the photographer based on the experience received. If your photographer goes above and beyond, tip accordingly!

What happens if my photographer is sick or leaves your team?

One of the benefits of booking Bellagala is that we have an emergency backup available for every reservation. We understand that life happens, however, you still need a photographer for your big day! We have a talented team of artists on-call every day to make sure that we can capture your big day even in the case of an emergency.

Is there a travel fee to my venue?

If your venue is located over 40 miles from the center point of the city, your travel fee will be one dollar per mile from the center point of the city to your venue’s address. This fee goes directly to your photographer for their gas, mileage and time. If your venue is over 100 miles from the center point of the city we do require overnight lodging for the safety of your photographer since they will be working a long day. Lodging is at your discretion; however, it must be within 15-20 miles of your venue.

How many photos do I receive?

You will receive 100 images per hour, with a maximum of 700 images. Your photographer will shoot an unlimited amount of photos throughout your wedding day, but afterward, they will select the 700 highest quality images to give a full representation of your day.

Who selects my photos?

Your photographer will select your images after the wedding day. Since you’ve worked one-on-one with them throughout the planning process, they know what is most important to include to provide the best representation of your day.

How do we know how many hours of coverage we’ll need?

The amount of hours needed will depend on your exact timeline. Your photographer will help you create a custom timeline based upon your wants, needs and wishes to capture your entire vision for the big day.

How many hours of coverage do couples usually need?

When your ceremony and reception are in the same location, we have found that seven hours of coverage will commonly capture everything from getting ready photos, through your first dance. If you are having a separate ceremony location from your reception,

we see 8 or 9 hours of coverage being more common. You also have the ability to add additional hours of coverage to your package at anytime after booking.

What are the print prices?

All prints are done on archival quality paper through our online proofing and printing center.

· 4x6 print - $3

· 5x7 print - $5

· 8x10 print - $10

· 11x14 print - $18

What is so special about your albums?

We have partnered with the premier album company, Graphistudio. Our albums feature seamless binding, archival printing, stunning layouts and cover options. These quality albums are hand-made in Italy by the finest artists and designers. Unlike online album services, Graphistudio albums are made to last a lifetime. Your album will still be beautiful after hundreds of viewings and is an heirloom piece for the next generations.

How do we order our album?

After your pictures are online, you will fill out our finished album order form, where you can customize your layout, cover and photos. The online order form is located in your account manager:

What’s the payment schedule?

1st payment - Deposit.

2nd payment - 50% of the remaining balance after deposit (due

5 months prior to event).

3rd payment - Final remaining balance (due 3 weeks prior to event).

All payments can be made online in your Account Manager and we will send you reminder emails so you don’t forget!


One to two days from booking date

Once you book your Bellagala photographer, they will reach out to you within two business days of receiving notification.

Before your wedding day

Your photographer will work with you via email, phone calls, and meetings to develop your shot list and day-of timeline. You may also schedule your engagement session directly with your photographer if one is included in your package

On your wedding day

Your photographer will be present at your event for the predetermined number of hours according to the schedule you’ve developed with them, shooting continuously throughout the day.

One to two weeks after your wedding 

Your photographer will cull the images taken at your event and turn them into our professional post production 

specialist team for editing

Four to six weeks after your wedding 

Our professional post production team will individually color correct every image so it looks as true to life as the day it was taken. You will receive a link to the online gallery of your wedding images no later than six weeks after your event. 


Photography Packages

Bellagala photographers specialize in the art of organic storytelling, documenting your wedding day as it unfolds naturally. With a team of photographers on staff, we are confident that we can find you a photographer that fits both your style and budget. We provide a variety of packages and ala carte options such as customizable hours, engagement sessions, and second shooters so that you can choose what is best for you and your special day. Whichever photographer you choose, we are sure that we will meet and exceed your expectations.

All photography packages include

· Your choice of photographer

· Color correction on all images

· Online printing and proofing

· Digital download of all images

· Full copyrights to all images

· Professional photography team available in case of emergency


· Engagement session

· Second shooter

· Finished album

· Additional hours