Who are my musicians? 

Bellagala’s musicians are professionals with years of experience in the entertainment and live music industry. 

Do I need to pick every song for them to play?

Typically, your musicians will have a collection of music from which they select songs to play. They can share this playlist with you if you’d like to have more involvement in the process. In the event that you have a specific request that they may not be familiar with, we ask that you provide the sheet music for them. They can help you source the sheet music if necessary. 

Do they need rehearsal time? ?

No. Rehearsal is done prior to your event day. 

Can we hear audio samples? 

Yes. Please visit our team page LIVE MUSIC TEAM

What type of music will my musicians play? 

Depending on the type of band/musician/vocalist you have hired, the style may vary. You may also discuss your preferences with your lead musician. 

How long will it take them to set up? 

Most of our live music services need to arrive approximately one hour in advance to set up and run through sound checks. The exception is with our larger bands (six pieces and up). They may arrive up to two hours early due to their size and the amount of equipment they will have. 

Do the musicians take breaks? 

Depending on how long you have reserved for playing time, your musicians may take breaks. Typically, we allow for one 15-minute break per hour. 

Does my venue or I need to provide amplification? 

No amplification is necessary for most live music performances. However, if you are expecting more than 100 people, you may want to consider amplification options. If the musician or ensemble you have reserved does require amplification, they will provide it. 

If I reserve an ensemble, who is my contact person? How are the other musicians selected? Do all the members regularly perform together?

Our live musician coordinator will be your main contact, and they will handle recruiting and contacting the other members of an ensemble. Most often, they will select other musicians with whom they perform frequently. 

Can the musicians learn new music if we want a specific song played that isn’t in their normal repertoire?

Musicians prefer that their instruments not be exposed to the elements, including direct sunlight, as exposure can be incredibly damaging to their equipment. Please provide a shaded area from which your musicians can play. If you are unable to do so, please discuss alternate options with your sales consultant or your lead musician. 

What music services do you offer? 

· Soloist (piano, violin, cello, guitarist, trumpet, etc.) · Harpist
· Duo
· String Quartet

· Soloist (piano, violin, cello, guitarist, trumpet, etc.) · Harpist
· Duo
· Echelon Guitarist & vocals
· String Quartet
· Three Piece Jazz Combo
· Four Piece Jazz Combo
· Five Piece Jazz Combo
· Triosé (Echelon Jazz Trio)
· Bellalite
· Bellagala Big Band
· Universoul (8-piece band)
· Synergy (8-piece band)


Live Music packages: $395 - $6,995+

Your musicians will bring everything they need to perform at your event.

Before your wedding 

Your musician will contact you within two business days of the receipt of a booking notification and work with you to establish your musical vision, expectations, style, desired atmosphere, and song selection. 

On your wedding day 

Your musician will arrive early to set up, check in with you and verify any last-minute details or requests. They will be present for the scheduled amount of time, performing for you and your guests’ enjoyment.