Bellagala's wedding planners are experienced professionals who know how to make your wedding vision come together. Think of your wedding planner as being your own personal movie director; we coordinate, plan, and execute your wedding vision, and then we are physically there to oversee the event and ensure everything goes according to plan. And if it doesn't, we're there to troubleshoot and deal with any unexpected circumstances that may arise. In fact, our goal is to make sure you don't even notice if anything does come up!



Planning a wedding on your own is without a doubt an extremely overwhelming and stressful task. Most couples don’t even know where to start, much less how to navigate daunting and overwhelming wedding planning waters. What often begins as a joyous occasion can quickly become a source of contention and stress. Hiring a wedding planner will relieve your anxiety and make the planning process what it was always meant to be: fun!

The truth is, between finding the location, sending invitations, choosing flowers, music, décor, styling, dresses, food, and transportation, and, well, everything else, there are a million things to consider when planning a wedding. Our mission is simple: to get you set on the right path and armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Whether you just need a day-of coordinator so you can focus on simply being a bride for the day, or if you’re looking for the support and expertise of an experienced planner from start to finish, Bellagala’s event planners are here to help put the “fun” back into wedding planning. 




Every member of the Bellagala's Studio-level planning team is an advanced, established wedding professional. They each have a proven track record of creativity, quality service, and successful events, and are well on their way to becoming Echelon-level planners.


Expert event architects, our Echelon-level planners have a minimum of ten years experience in the wedding planning industry. They are seasoned veterans of the trade who know how to handle the complexities of weddings because they have literally seen and handled it all.



Each Bellagala wedding planner will cater their service to your specific needs. Day-of packages are perfect for the hands-on bride who really just wants to be able to sit back and watch her hard work come to fruition on her wedding day without having to play the double role of a bride and coordinator. A worry-free month gives you the help of an expert to wrap up the final details so you can spend the last weeks leading up to your wedding day feeling confident, rested, and relaxed. Our full service start-to-finish Sanity Saver packages are an excellent option for those who want a seasoned veteran planner in their corner every step of the way. We'll make sure your planning is seamlessly executed and your wedding day is one for the history books!

1-2 days from booking

Your planner will reach out to you to introduce herself and begin the planning process. (The level of involvement prior to your wedding is determined by the planning package you reserve. If you reserve a Sanity Saver package, you’ll be able to start coordinating with your planner right away!)

Before your wedding

Based on the services included in the package you reserved, your planner will assist you in whatever you may need. They will be available via phone and email to communicate with you and your vendors, and they’ll assist in developing your day-of timeline, floor plan, seating diagrams, banquet event order, table arrangements, transportation schedule, etc. Their main goal is to take the stress out of your planning process so you can focus on just being a radiant bride-to-be!

On your wedding day

Your planner will be present for you all day, beginning first thing in the morning. They'll oversee the setup for your day, take care of everything that happens during the day, and ending only when the last details have been taken care of at night and tear down is complete (or until those final details have been placed in capable hands). They will be responsible for fielding vendor questions, coordinating your timeline, taking care of any final payments or contracts, troubleshooting any unexpected changes, vendor returns, gift hand off, and any other details so you can truly feel like a guest at your own wedding!


· PRESERVE the vision and style of your wedding

· SAVE you money with flexible pricing that works within your budget

· CUSTOMIZE your wedding planning package based on your unique needs

· PROVIDE peace of mind with backup wedding planners

· ELIMINATE stress by offering educational tools and online resources