When do we meet our wedding planner?

At your initial consultation after booking. Your event planner will call you within two business days after booking to schedule a phone conversation and to set up your initial consultation. 

Do we get to choose our wedding planner?

Yes. We have a number of talented event planners on staff. Select the planner that is right for you based on their bios and previous work, or ask your sales representative for assistance.

Are we required to use all Bellagala services when we book a Bellagala wedding planner?

No, our event planning services are a separate entity from the rest of our services. Bellagala event planners are knowledgeable, highly experienced, and have worked with a variety of wedding vendors throughout the Twin Cities.

How much experience do your event planners have?

Each of our event planners comes to Bellagala with a different level of experience, but on average, our planners have at least three to five years working in the wedding industry.​

Will my planner work alone or with assistants on my wedding day?

Your planner will be the go-to point person on your wedding day, but will likely bring at least one assistant with them the day of your wedding, possibly two in order to ensure that your day unfolds flawlessly.

How much involvement will my planner have?

As much or as little as you want them to have! Your planner’s level of involvement depends on the event planning package you reserve and your personal preferences. Some clients will have every detail planned out and are just looking for a planner to execute their vision, and some clients want to sit back and let their planner take care of everything for their wedding day. We work with clients at both ends of the spectrum (and anywhere in between) personalizing our service to your needs.

My venue already has an in-house wedding coordinator. Why do I need a planner?

Your venue coordinator most likely has many clients and many upcoming events she is juggling simultaneously, possibly several per month. Most onsite venue coordinators are just too busy to devote the time and attention necessary to attend to the details of your wedding. The bottom line: A wedding coordinator at a venue and a wedding planner are two completely different jobs. The venue wedding coordinator is there to serve the venue. A planner is completely focused on you and dedicated to your wedding vision, and she is there solely to make sure that you vision comes to life on your wedding day. 


One to two days from the booking date

Your planner will reach out to you to introduce herself and begin the planning process. (The level of involvement prior to your wedding is determined by the planning package you reserve. If you reserve a Sanity Saver package, you’ll be able to start coordinating with your planner right away!)

Before your wedding day

Based on the included services of the package you reserved, your planner will be available to assist you in whatever you may need. They will be available via phone and email to communicate with you and your vendors, and they’ll assist in developing your day-of timeline, floor plan, seating diagrams, banquet event order, table arrangements, transportation schedule, etc. Their main goal is to take the stress out of your planning process so you can focus on just being a radiant bride-to-be!

On your wedding day

Your planner will be present for you all day, beginning right away in the morning with overseeing the setup for your day and ending only when the last details have been taken care of at night and tear down is complete (or until those final details have been placed in capable hands). They will be responsible for fielding vendor questions, coordinating your timeline, taking care of any final payments or contracts, troubleshooting any unexpected changes, vendor returns, gift hand off, and any other details so you can truly be a guest at your own wedding!


Wedding Planning packages: $1,495 - $4,995+

Each event planner on our team will cater their service to your specific needs. Day-of packages are perfect for the hands-on bride who just wants to be able to sit back and watch her hard work come to fruition on her wedding day without having to play a double role as a bride and a coordinator. A worry-free month gives you the help of an expert to wrap up those details it’s hard to find time for, so you can spend the last weeks leading up to your wedding day feeling confident, rested, and relaxed. Our full service start-to-finish Sanity Saver packages are an excellent option for those who want a seasoned veteran planner in their corner every step of the way who will make sure your planning is seamlessly executed and your wedding day is one for the history books.

Day of Coordination

You planned it; let us ensure it all happens. By hiring a Bellagala  wedding planner, you can be sure that every detail you planned is executed, and you can be a guest at your own wedding. You choose your planner!

Package Includes: 

· Initial consultation, plus phone and email contact

· Attendance at wedding rehearsal

· Overseeing and reviewing ceremony and reception setup ensuring that it matches client vision and plan

· An assistant to help lead planner oversee and coordinate vendor load in, set up, and tear down; be the go-to person for all parties involved

· Preparation of detailed "day-of" timeline

· Confirmation prior to and coordination of vendors "day-of"

· Fielding final vendor questions and troubleshooting unexpected changes "day-of"

· Distribution of final payments and gratuities

· Overseeing tear down, vendor returns, and gift hand-off

For complete package details and additional options, please contact your Bellagala representative.

Worry Free Month

Our Worry Free Month package allows you to have a stress-free wedding as well as the coordination of details leading up to your event. You choose your planner!

Package Includes: 

· All Day-Of Coordination content, plus:

· Attending final BEO (Banquet Event Order)

· Coordinating and overseeing rehearsal

· Providing vendor recommendations

· Conducting site inspection and prepare diagram

· Coordinate transportation schedule

· Checking in with bride morning of to ensure schedule is on track

· Picking up personal items to deliver to venue

· Packing up personal items and handing off to designated party

· Provideing assistant at hotel to direct guests to transportation

· Coordinating breakfast, lunch or snack for bridal party

Sanity Saver

From start to finish, we will work with you every step of the way 

to create your ultimate wedding. You choose your planner!

Package Includes: 

· All Worry Free Month content, plus:

· Providing research for venue locations based on budget, style, location, dates, weather, and client priorities

· Assisting in menu selection

· Acting as a liaison between client and contracted vendors, as well as day of with guests, bridal party, and family

· Attending key vendor appointments

· Providing a checklist of tasks and suggested deadlines (reminders of final payments and contract approval)

· Negotiating discounts on services when possible

· Overseeing delivery and set up of tents, banquet tables, decor, etc.

· Coordinating guest accommodations and transportation details

· Coordinating design details (floral, decor)

· Offering etiquette, insurance/liability advice

For complete package details and additional options, contact your Bellagala representative. Events with split ceremony and reception venues will incur an additional fee to accommodate the additional logistics involved.