STUDIO LEVEL:  $1,495 – $3,995

Strengths: Achiever | Responsibility | Harmony| Maximizer | Positivity

It was from an internship at a venue in Stillwater, MN that I found my passion. I had finally found my place in life! 

My time as an intern was full of experience! I wore many different hats which gave me an amazing understanding of what it takes to smoothly execute a wedding from start to finish. I learned everything from set-up, tear-down and running the events, to venue operations management. I quickly advanced and began to take on more responsibility which opened up my duties to working one-on-one with clients. This is when I really fell in love with weddings! I felt so honored to be a part of my clients' special day, it made my heart so full! 

In me, you will find a steady hand and a cool head. I am hardworking, organized and very detail oriented. Call me crazy, but I actually love the nit-picky, tedious work that goes into making a wedding complete. I've been called a perfectionist, and I will be honest- it made me cringe at first, but I have learned to embraced it and use it to my clients' full advantage! 

There is no better feeling than seeing your special day come to life! Don't be surprised when you see me tearing up at the ceremony! (The speeches always get me too). Your day is as special to me as it is to you and I can promise you I will do everything I can to make it absolutely perfect.