Something as simple as having two videographers radically increases the opportunities to make your creative video stand out. With two videographers, you’ll easily see it’s the key to a polished look. Additionally, by integrating the footage from two shooters you’ll have the visual contrast of two perspectives, which allows you to remember all aspects of your wedding…forever.

Two Videographers

A Key To A Polished Look.


Bellagala’s professional adjustment tools can make your best moments look even better. Bellagala’s post production goes way beyond the basics of turning things into black and white. Our sophisticated production tools give your piece a distinctive look. The end result is that you have yourself a compelling and beautiful piece to show your friends and family on a High Definition flat screen.

Professional Production

For a Beautiful and Distinctive Piece.


In this digital age, high quality videos are more important than ever for couples getting married. We shoot in High Definition, which delivers high contrast and sensational colors all in widescreen like at the movies.

Cinematic Featurette

Inspired to Watch All Over Again.


We are cinematic storytellers who specialize in weddings. We are experts in capturing every aspect of your day and then seamlessly editing and fusing the footage into a timeless cinematic featurrette hat you will want to watch again and again. 



With every Bellagala service, you get our unique style coupled with convenience. Only with Bellagala do you find such detailed questionnaires, turning weddings into well-orchestrated events. Our Videography Profile helps your wedding videographer get to know you and your style better, as well as understand all the details of your day.