3 Tips to store and keep your wedding images safe long-term

wedding album

Wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime. Don’t let a harddrive crash or a lost device cause you to lose those important memories.

Photography is one of the few things a couple gets to keep from their wedding day. Here are some tips to avoid accidentally losing your photos forever. 

At Bellagala, we keep your gallery online as long as we can. But we use a third party to host our galleries and no one knows what the future will bring! While we hope we’ll always have access to re-open your gallery, it’s hard to know what a few years down the road will look like.

The best idea to keep your images safe is not to store them in one place or one way. Instead, do some or all of the following!

1. Order an Album

wedding album

Whether ordering one of the gorgeous albums from our Italian partner through us, or ordering an album online or from a local printing shop, albums are the perfect way to keep your images in hand for decades to come. Since they are a physical object, there’s no worries of technology failing. They’re also a great keepsake to share with future generations and easy to bring with you when moving.

Many companies also offer smaller, duplicate “parent” albums, so both sides of the family can enjoy a copy as well. Talk about a bonus backup! 

2. Create Backups across multiple devices

When you receive your gallery, the email will explain how to download your images. We *highly* recommend downloading all your images right away. The gallery only allows downloads of the full wedding to ensure you have a copy of all your images before the gallery expires. 

Once you have the images saved on your device, we highly recommend every couple to make backup copies on multiple devices, and even across multiple households. Send a flash drive of your images for a parent or sibling to copy onto their computer. Keep another flash drive in a safe, and download onto another tablet or computer at home. The more copies the better! 

3. Store on the cloud

We now have the capability to store lots of data on cloud based services. Consider backing up your images onto Google Drive, iCloud, in a Dropbox account, or research other Cloud based backups that support full resolution images. Sharing on social media in a gallery is not a bad idea, just remember that if they are your last copy, they will not be downloadable at full quality.

And there you have it! Never worry about losing all your wedding photos. You’ll have them safely stored and ready to last a lifetime!