Pay for your wedding in the most convenient way


At Bellagala, we want you to feel confident in your wedding planning. And that includes offering several payment gateways and methods so you can pay for your wedding services exactly as you would like!

Learn more about each option below!

Credit Card

This is your traditional, standard, web purchase process. You'll stay here and won't be navigated to any other platforms for purchase. Please note, that we may invoice you for applicable travel fees post-purchase.

Payment Plan

The Bellagala Payment Plan is an alternative method to split up your total balance into 1 to 3 payments based on when your event is.

Event Date is less than 60 days away from booking date: Pay-in-full only.

Event Date is 60 - 90 days from booking: 50% is due upfront and remaining 50% is due 10 days before event.

Event Date is 91 - 150 days from booking date: 50% due upfront and remaining 50% is due 90 days after booking.

Event Date is beyond 150 days from booking: 25% of package total due upfront, 50% due 90 days after booking and remaining 25% due 150 days after booking.


To pay via PayPay, you will need to have an account. After selecting this option, you will be taken to an external Affirm site to set up an account and for payment collection - This is a safe and trusted page!