8 Tips For Working With Your Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

It’s your wedding day! You’ve had the best morning getting ready with your favorite people, had a blast during pictures, and are now tucked away in the private suite as your guests arrive. Your guests are greeted into the ceremony space with some lovely music, and they take their seats anxiously waiting to see you marry your best friend. After the ceremony, your guests transition into cocktail hour/dinner where they hear some of their favorite classic love songs. Once toasts wrap up and the first dances have concluded, their favorite song comes on and they eagerly run to the dance floor, where they spend the rest of the night. 

Sounds like a pretty perfect wedding day - you married your best friend and your guests had the time of their lives. Looking back on it, your DJ set the tone for every moment of your guests' experience. They played all the right songs & had everyone on their feet the whole night. Obviously, your DJ plays a pretty big role in your wedding, so why not do everything you can to set them up for success? Here are our favorite tips to create a positive working relationship with your wedding DJ.

wedding DJ

1. Fill out your profiles

When working with Bellagala, we have these amazing DJ profiles that you fill out before the big day. By filling this out, you are giving your DJ a peek into expectations for your wedding day, and providing them with key information so they know how to serve you best. From your profile they will gather information about your wedding details, and what you’re looking for in your reception. 

2. Create a playlist

Whatever your preferred platform may be (Pandora, Spotify, etc.), create a playlist that you would want played at your wedding. While it won’t be specifically used on the big day, showing this to your DJ will give them a better understanding of your music style, helping them play only what you love on wedding day. 

Wedding DJ

3. Talk through your ceremony

If your DJ will be providing services for your ceremony it’s important to talk through all of your ceremony details with them. Walkthrough the order of events for your ceremony, when you need music played, & your processional/recessional music. It’s also very helpful to go over your processional order so that your DJ knows exactly which songs are supposed to be played when. 

4. Communicate your reception vibes

Just like talking through the details of your ceremony is important, it’s also a great idea to talk through your reception details and overall vibe. If you’re hoping for a reception that’s the party nobody will forget, be sure to tell that to your DJ! That way they know to play more upbeat party songs. On the other hand, if you’re wanting a very romantic and chill vibe for your reception, your DJ will probably throw some more slow dance songs in the mix. Other details like toasts, a bouquet toss, and first dances are always important to share with your DJ as well.  

wedding DJ

5. Create a must play list

Having a must-play list for your DJ is amazing! Not only are these songs they will play to get everyone on the dance floor, but they will also go off of these songs for the remainder of the evening. They will use your must-play songs (and DJ profile!)  as a guide to your style and play songs based on that. They want to play whatever music will get your crowd moving! 

6. Create a do not play list

Imagine if your least favorite song in the whole world came on during your reception...that would absolutely kill the vibe for you & your guests - which nobody wants to happen! Sharing songs with your DJ that are off-limits is so helpful because it will ensure that they avoid playing any songs you dislike. Although they get to know you pretty well, they won’t know the music you dislike unless you share it with them. 

Wedding DJ

7. Share your wedding vision

Throughout the planning process, you've worked hard to nail down every detail and create a beautiful wedding day. By communicating the overall vision that you have for your wedding with your DJ, you are setting them up for success. They'll know which type of music to play during dinner, and how to announce you + your wedding party into the reception. 

8. Any Questions? Ask your DJ! 

The last tip we have for you to create a pleasant working relationship with your DJ is to ask them questions. Ask your DJ if there's anything you can do to help make their job easier, or what other details they may need from you. Asking simple questions like this shows that you care about them and that you genuinely want to help them achieve their best results. Setting up an open environment like this for your DJ will encourage them to thrive, and allow everyone to have the best time on the wedding day! Is there anything better than that? 

If you're looking for a wedding DJ, Bellagala has curated a team of the best wedding DJs! Contact us today to learn more about our availability, pricing, and artists.