Bridesmaid Bouquet Styles

The floral of your wedding is a great way to integrate your color scheme or overall wedding theme to the atmosphere of your wedding. Your bridal party will be the among the most photographed part of your wedding, so it's important to keep all the details in mind to help tie all your details and decor together. As much as you'll stress about picking the style of your own unique bridesmaid bouquet, don't stress about your bridesmaids! All it takes is deciding a direction of style and types of bouquets for weddings that you would want, and your talented florist is able to take care of the rest. 

Types of Bridesmaid Bouquets Styles


A simple starting point is to keep your bridesmaid floral the exact same as yours. Most often, florists will integrate one element to set yours apart (and so you know which is yours when they arrive to your venue!) but for the most part, the bouquets are all identical. Utilize the floral to represent you all as a group!

A variety of wedding bouquets


Have a style you love but not sure what to do about the bridal party? Mimic the style of the bride bouquet but request the florist make the bridal party versions smaller. Most often, florists will remove greenery, lessen the number of statement floral, or utilizing stems that are not as near full bloom. This creates a cohesive look, but also directs the eye back to the center of the group - you!

Bouquets in varying shades of reds and pinks.


Embrace your moment in the spotlight and let your bouquet have it's moment too! There are so many directions to take this style, which allows for the perfect opportunity to tie in floral from other elements within your wedding. Utilize the same greenery from your arch as your bridesmaids bouquets to keep a clean line during your ceremony, or floral from your centerpieces. Play around with the colors and textures within your theme to make your bouquet stand out, just like you!

Four different sets of wedding bouquets that are white, red and green

What other floral pieces do you need? The list of floral pieces for your wedding day can seem like an extremely daunting list: boutonnieres, wrist corsages, flower crowns...and that's only the floral for your bridal party! Check out our Minneapolis florist page for some inspiration and to see our talented team of florists that created all of the photos you've seen today!

From left, flower girls wear floral crows, a boutonniere of a white flower, and a wrist corsage made up of peach roses