Finding The Perfect Shoe for your Wedding Day

You found the perfect dress - now what about the shoe? Your dress, you had that golden "aha!" moment when you tried it on and knew it was the one. But shoes on the other hand...can take some time to find the perfect pair. While I don't recommend a knee-high boot as Julia Roberts rocked in Pretty Woman, or maybe not even a glass slipper a la Cinderella, the right shoe is out there! And we have a few tips to help you in your adventure of finding the one! (Shoe, that is.)

A series of images shows a pink sparkly tennis shoe, a pair of black heels, and a row of magenta strappy heels

How to pick shoes for wedding dress?

The best advice? Find your dress first and don't leave shoe shopping to the last minute! While you may have had your eye on a specific pair of shoes for a long time, or maybe you're just a sneaker gal, focus on finding your dress first and then tackle the shoes. When you're trying on dresses, it's important to focus on how you feel, not what will be on your feet. 

After you have found the perfect dress, it's time to choose the best shoes for a bride to wear! You'll want to find your perfect pair before you pick up your dress and go in for tailoring/alteration appointments. The length of your dress is extremely important, so you don't trip over the hem and it's hitting the ground at the perfect height. Therefore, take the time in between your dress purchase and waiting for it to arrive to focus on your shoes. 

From left, a bedazzled pair of sandals, white Converse, metallic boots and beaded flats

There are so many different styles for popular bridal shoes out there, that it can be easy to get a little lost in the magic of 4" heels, sparkle, color, embellishments...but the best thing to do? Stay comfortable. Find a height that you can wear all day, and a style that you love and would wear again! While you may never wear your dress again, you surely can rewear your wedding shoes on date nights or to events! So make sure you love them and know you'll wear them again. All in all, the only opinion that matters to picking your wedding shoes, is your own. You'll be the one running, dancing, and most importantly - walking down the aisle, so make sure they are comfortable and you love them! 

A group of four photos shows a series of sparkly heels

Still lost in the world of shoes? There are lots of things to consider that may help persuade a direction for you to head in on your day. Consider the weather, will it be cold on your day? An open-toe sandal may not be the right option! Does your venue have uneven floors or lots of stairs? Consider your day in full so that you have a clear mind of what will be the best fit for you and your feet!


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