New Website, Who Dis?

new website

That's right, we're launching a whole new website - and we are SO excited about it! This project has been two years in the making, and now it's FINALLY here. We honestly can't believe it! Our new website has so many unique features, and we can't wait to show them off! But first, we want to share why we created this bad boy. 

Real Time Pricing & Availability

If you're new here, our mission is to give our clients the most convenient wedding planning experience on the planet. We want to make it as easy as possible, so couples can enjoy being engaged! While we think we've done a pretty good job at this so far, there was always a part of the planning process that seemed a little off to us. 

When searching for their wedding vendors, couples had to reach out and have full conversations with each potential vendor just to figure out their availability, and the cost of their service. Why is that? Not only is it exhausting for couples to talk to a handful of vendors for each service, but it's also time-consuming for both the client and vendor to have those conversations. Sometimes after all that effort, the couple gets the bad news that their favorite vendor isn't available on their date, or realizes that a vendor doesn't fit in their budget. 

Let's all be honest with each other, it really sucks to go through that much effort and not have it work out! That's why we've decided to put our real-time availability and pricing on our website. Now, you won't have to spend time filling out quotes or talking to someone just to see if they're available on your date! Amazing! 

real time availability

How it Works

It's super simple really - find your favorite vendor & check their availability, package offerings, and pricing. Easy! Okay, but let's break it down a little more. On our website, first, find your location. You there? Good! Now, find the service you're looking for, and then search through our wonderful vendors. Once you find a vendor you love, click on their profile. Once you're there, you'll be able to see how the cost of their service changes, and which days they're available. 

Although you could book your wedding vendor then and there, you can always schedule a meeting with one of our fabulous sales consultants to talk through things more in-depth. We're always here to help! 


Like we said before, our new site has SO many amazing features that we can't wait to share with you. For now, we'll leave you to explore & check out the real-time pricing and availability feature. But stay tuned, because in the coming weeks we'll be diving deeper into all of the different features has to offer!