Photography Levels

From left, a closeup of a suit and tie, a bride with bridesmaids, a groom with his groomsmen, and a coupe kissing in front of a red door.

Choosing your photographer for your wedding day can seem like an extremely daunting task. Every friend or family member has a recommendation, your coworker follows a photographer on Instagram that they love, wedding planning websites provide pages on pages of photographers with lists of do you pick?!

The best place to start: What is your style? And what experience and types of wedding photographers can help you achieve that? It's important to know your photographer's comfort behind their camera and their knowledge of lighting, timing, and most of all - posing. 

Various Levels of Photographers

Unlike other studios, Bellagala offers four levels of photographers to help you achieve your goal for your wedding photos on the big day: 

APPRENTICE - Limited experience in the wedding industry and are gaining experience to further develop their talent and skills.

ASSOCIATE - Several years of experience with weddings and providing a high-quality service and creative work for couples.

STUDIO - Established professionals in the wedding industry and have a solid technical background with an established creative style.

ECHELON - Some of the most talented and passionate photographers in the industry, providing the best and most sought-after work.

But what does this all mean? It all comes down to your expectations for your photos.

Want more artistic angles with dramatic lighting - Echelon is right for you.

Is photography not your main priority, but you still want to capture the day - Apprentice is right for you.

How to select a wedding photographer?

The best way to know what's right for you is to look through portfolios and listen to that gut feeling of knowing what is the perfect fit for you and your day. No matter the level of photography experience, with Bellagala, you are guaranteed an unparalleled value with all of our photographers!


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