Tips and Trends from Bellagala Artists

We asked a few photographers some questions about tips all brides and grooms should know for their wedding planning journey. Below are a few key notes that stood out and are worth applying to your planning!

A bride and four bridesmaids are all holding bouquets made with red, orange, pink and green flowers.

When searching for the perfect photographer for your wedding day, it can be easy to dive right in and begin contacting multiple artists, studios and friends for referrals. But before doing so, take a minute and ask yourself the following questions: 

How do I want my story to be told? 

A lot of couples get lost in describing their ideal day as “candid, not too posed, but wanting formal photos as well.” Do research and learn more about wedding photography to learn what you are really looking for. 

- Jeffrey O | Denver

When I look back at these images in 20-40 years, what am I hoping to see? 

Ideally, you look back and see yourself in the happiest of moments! Let your personality shine through! If you feel happy and confident in the moment, it will show in your photos. Your photographer will encourage and guide you through the day, as well as make sure you look great and everyone else is in place. 

- Martina V | Austin 

What style of photography stands out and appeals to me the most? 

Experience is important. When you look at a photographer’s body of work, does it speak to you? Do you feel inspired and excited for your day as you picture yourself in the photos!? Take some time to look through portfolios and try to picture yourself in the style the photos are showing.

- John K | Austin 

How much involvement do I want from my photographer day of? 

You can’t always meet a photographer before booking them, but you can talk to them on the phone, learn about them through their bios and work, and decide if you think they’ll fit within your day. They will essentially be third-wheeling you throughout your wedding day, so be sure it’s a personality type that you get along with!

- Jeannine P | Minneapolis

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Once you've found your perfect fit - it's time to think about that perfect timeline! 

Your wedding timeline should be built around your photos. Arrival time for yourself to begin getting ready, eating lunch, going outside or to different locations for photos - there are a lot of different pieces that play a role into your photography timeline that then play a key role into your overall day of timeline.

The biggest tip from photographers?

Allow a 30-minute window around your ceremony! This buffer sets a good pace in case photos run late leading up to the ceremony, causing the ceremony to start late, or the ceremony runs longer than expected and you miss the golden hour photos that you were dreaming of!

- Theresa S | Indianapolis


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