Wedding Venue Shopping Made Easy

wedding venue shopping

Venue: A’BULAE

Searching for the perfect wedding venue is no easy task. There are so many options out there and it can be completely overwhelming at first! While you might know the general style you’re looking for, you’d be surprised by all the different types of venues that would fit your vision. 

Imagine this: a website where you can see nearly all of the venues in your state, search by style, and easily contact the venues you’re interested in. What a concept! No more endless google searches or hours spent filling out price quotes. This game-changing concept isn’t just a dream, it actually exists! When we created our new website we made sure to integrate this feature. Now all you have to do is go to our new site & easily search for your dream wedding venue!

But which styles are available to search by? Great question! Here is a list of all the types of wedding venues you can search for:

Once you start looking within a category you’ll find a quick description of the overall style of those types of venues, and then a full list of our Minnesota venue partners. If you see a venue that interests you, click into it for a detailed description of the venue, inclusions, and packages that Bellagala offers at that location. If you’d like to learn more about that venue you can quickly fill out the form & easily get in touch with them. While you’re searching venues, check out our  beautiful featured venues; A’BULAE, Bavaria Downs, and The Van Dusen Mansion.

Wedding venue shopping just got a whole lot easier, and we can’t wait to see which venue you choose! Don’t forget to check out our amazing vendor packages at your dream venue. As always, we are here to help with any questions you may have. Happy venue shopping!