Why a Progressive Wedding Venue is Perfect For You

progressive wedding venue

Have you ever attended a wedding where every part of the event took place in the same space? We're talking ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing...all in one spot. While at first this sounds amazing, you quickly realize that it can get a little old staying in the same space for the entire evening. 

*enter a progressive event venue*  

Now imagine this: your guests arrive to your venue on wedding day, they are greeted and welcomed into a beautiful & secluded ceremony space. After the ceremony, they transition into an entirely different space for cocktail hour where they can enjoy a drink along with some new sights.

Just when they think it can't get any better, your guests move into yet another new and exciting space for dinner and dancing. At the end of the night, your guests are mesmerized and enchanted by their experience at your wedding. It seemed like there was always a new space to explore, and they never quite knew what to expect next. 

What is a Progressive Wedding Venue?

A progressive wedding venue is a venue that has an allocated space for each portion of the event. That might sound a little confusing, but basically your guests will continue to move to new spaces as your event progresses. How cool is that? Don't worry though, your guests will never have to completely leave the venue to get to a new space!

What Are The Benefits of a Progressive Wedding Venue?

Where do we even begin? We love this style of venue for SO many reasons! Below are just a few key benefits of a progressive wedding venue.

  • It provides an exciting and new experience for your guests - they will never be sitting in one spot for too long, wondering what will happen next.
  • Having a dedicated & unique space for each portion of your event adds an interesting level of dimension. Plus none of your photos will be the same! 
  • Transitioning between different moments of your event will be smoother. Since you are moving into a completely new space, it will feel as if there is a more definite ending to one portion of the event before starting the next.
  • Your vendors will LOVE it! Once one element of the event concludes, they can tidy up that area. This will make their job at the end of the night so much easier, because they'll have less to clean up all at once. 

Featured Progressive Style Wedding Venues

Bavaria Downs Bavaria Downs

Bavaria Downs Bavaria Downs

1. Bavaria Downs

From the moment you pass through the palatial gated entrance onto the private drive, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped off a plane and are no longer just minutes from the hustle and noise of Minneapolis. With lush, rolling hills and a private lake, Bavaria Downs is a progressive wedding venue like you've never seen before. 

Your guests will feel as though they've literally transported to a French countryside estate as they explore all that Bavaria Downs has to offer. They will start their experience at the private outdoor ceremony site, enjoy the beauty of the luxury estate for cocktail hour, and move to the custom ballroom for the reception. This venue offers natural beauty, and a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Van Dusen MansionVan Dusen MansionVan Dusen MansionVan Dusen Mansion

2. The Van Dusen Mansion

Rising from a pedestal of earth in downtown Minneapolis, this breathtaking and enchanted castle is a real life fairytale. Guests will begin the event in the romantic courtyard for your ceremony. Adorned by charming cafe lights, guests will feel they have entered a hidden garden. Following your ceremony the social hour will take place inside the Mansion and on the front lawn area with gazebo, fountain and garden furniture. 
Guests will then journey to the modern ballroom and dine under the sparkling chandeliers. As dinner concludes, partygoers venture through the courtyard to the beautiful Carriage House where they will enjoy music and dance the night away! The Van Dusen Mansion provides a truly extravagant progressive wedding venue style event, giving your guests a memorable and creative experience. 


We know that it can be a little tricky to picture the overall event flow of a progressive venue at first, but we guarantee that you and your guests will be blown away by the experience. So, what's your favorite part about a progressive style wedding venue?

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