Bellagala photographers are a team of Minneapolis wedding photographers that specialize in the fine art of authentic storytelling through a unique combination of passionate, genuine, and organic photography. We believe that people look their best when they are natural. We document weddings as they unfold and balance them with traditional formal photographs if requested. While photojournalism is not new, our approach to service and customization within the wedding industry is. The result is more choices, superior service, faster turnaround, and better photography. By carefully combining top level artists and technologies, we meet and exceed clients' expectations..



Your wedding photographer will be one of the most important vendors you select, period. Bellagala photographers all have a photojournalistic base, but have developed their own sense of style and a skill set unique to each of them through years of shooting weddings. Each photographer, even at the Apprentice level, is subject to a thorough evaluation process before being invited to join the Bellagala team, and we ensure they have a solid record of client service and a strong creative portfolio.



APPRENTICE: Apprentice photographers have 1-3 years’ experience in the wedding industry, and regularly assist our upper level shooters. They are gaining the experience needed to move up to the Associate level, and are developing their talent and honing their skills. 

ASSOCIATE: Associate lead photographers have 3-6 years of experience shooting weddings, and have a proven track record of high quality service and creative work. They are working on furthering their creative and technical skills and developing their portfolio to move up to the Studio lead level. 

STUDIO: Studio lead photographers are established professionals in the wedding industry, who have 5+ years experience as lead shooters. They have spent years developing their skills and have a solid technical background and an established creative style. They are on their way to becoming Echelon level shooters. 

ECHELON: Echelon level photographers are some of the most talented and passionate photographers in the industry. They have established themselves as top-tier professionals, and produce some of the best and most sought after work in the area. This is an elite group of some of the best photographers in the business. 



Color correction is an important step in the digital editing process. It ensures your photos look as true to life as the day they were taken. Missing this crucial step often results in orange skin, washed out tones, dull color, and can give a great shot an amateur appearance. Professional color correction requires technical training, expensive equipment and a developed eye. Our Post Production specialists color correct each image individually before they are delivered to you. By spending the extra time to touch every image, each of your wedding photos will "pop" and look just the way the photographer envisioned. This is an essential step for your wedding photos and ultimately helps us uphold our work to the highest industry standards. 


On your wedding day your photographer will be on the go, snapping photos every step of the way. Not every photo opportunity will have the perfect lighting conditions. In order to capture each moment as it happens, the photographer may have only limited time to stop and adjust the camera accordingly, but our color correction staff is able to focus on polishing the images to produce consistent and natural looking skin tones regardless of the lighting situation and camera settings. 




In general, wedding photography can be discussed in four basic terms:


This documentary style is very popular with today's brides and grooms. It combines traditional and candid photography to tell your own unique wedding story with candid and posed images. Photojournalistic photography places an emphasis on emotion and capturing you in your most natural state. We are proud to have some of the best photojournalistic photographers in the region on our staff. 


Considered more traditional, the focus is on posed photos. This style uses controlled settings and can be indoor or outdoor. Traditional photos have a classic, timeless feel, and emphasize the subject.


With fine art photography, beauty is the goal. The photos feel more editorial and resemble advertisements or fashion spreads. Using a combination of candid pictures and non-traditional posing, a fine art photographer will coach a subject in order to get "the" shot. These images tend more to be works of art, capturing the beauty of light, color, and texture, while using an array of settings to get the desired image. 


Observational photography takes photojournalism one step further by allowing the wedding day to unfold organically, capturing what is happening on its own without photographer interference. An observational photographer will watch and capture the guests and wedding party in their element, most times without anyone knowing the photographer is there.



One to Two Days From Booking Date: Once you book your Bellagala photographer, they will reach out to you within two business days of receiving notification.  


Before Your Wedding Day: Your photographer will work with you via email, phone calls, and meetings to develop your shot list and day-of timeline. You may also schedule your engagement session directly with your photographer if one is included in your package. 


On Your Wedding Day: Your photographer will be present at your event for the predetermined number of hours according to the schedule you’ve developed with them, shooting continuously throughout the day.


One to Two Weeks After Your Wedding: Your photographer will cull the images taken at your event down to 700 and turn them into our professional post production specialist team for editing.  


Three to Six Weeks After Your Wedding: Our professional post production team will individually color correct every image so it looks as true to life as the day it was taken. You will receive a link to the online gallery of your wedding images no later than six weeks after your event.


· MATCH your photography style with a photographer of your choice

· SAVE you money with flexible pricing that works within your budget

· CUSTOMIZE your photography package based on your unique needs

· PROVIDE peace of mind with our backup photographers

· ELIMINATE stress by offering educational tools and online resources