We are a team of passionate videographers, dedicated to the art of documenting events on film. We are cinematic storytellers who specialize in weddings, and we are experts in capturing every aspect of your day and then seamlessly editing and fusing the footage into a timeless piece that you will want to watch again and again. We take great pride in the fact in knowing that many couples cherish their wedding video so much that they make it a lifelong anniversary tradition to watch it every year. We film as silent observers on your wedding day, immortalizing each and every moment, showcasing each real, genuine, and emotional moment as you and your new husband or wife embark on your new lifelong journey together.



Videography is one of the most underrated and underutilized wedding services. It’s also the number one service brides and grooms say they wish they had reserved when they look back on their wedding day. 

Why? Videography does something that photography simply isn’t able to. It adds the real-life, human element of sound to your wedding day memories that photographs just can’t capture. Think about it. In a photograph, you can’t hear the emotion in the groom’s voice as he says his marriage vows. You can’t hear the bride whisper a soft “I love you,” in the groom’s ear when they see each other for the first time. You can’t hear the excitement in the bride’s and groom’s voices when they get to call each other “husband” and “wife” for the first time. You can’t hear the speeches and toasts, written specifically for each couple, or how the best man’s voice cracks as he talks about his best friend. You can’t hear the music of the first dance – so often a song that is sentimental and incredibly meaningful for the couple. This is why videography is so important.

The fact is that videography is profoundly connective and emotional. The primary reason couples that didn’t reserve videography say they wish they had is because they feel that their wedding day documentation is missing that human element, which is incredibly important for such a momentous event. Think about how important photography was to your grandparents when they got married – that was the best method they had at the time of capturing their wedding day memories, and those photographs are cherished for generations. Videography has evolved into an art form similar to photography, but is much more complex with moving parts and auditory elements. Future generations will be able to look back on your wedding video instead of just your wedding photographs, and those real life memories are now timelessly documented. Photography captures important but fleeting and isolated moments of your wedding to tell your story, but videography allows you to truly relive that day over and over again, in vivid sensory detail.

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most important events of your life. Don’t let not reserving videography be your biggest wedding day regret.  




Video enables you to relive your wedding day in a way that photography can't. Our Studio Videographers will document your event in a visual narrative, allowing you to relive your day from your guests' perspective.


Experience the true emotion of your day through cinematic artistry. Our videographers are expert storytellers and true masters of their craft.

With the latest in video equipment and editing technology, our Studio team will retell your story in a movie-like experience.


Bellagala is excited to offer partnerships with some of the top independent film studios in Minnesota. These cinematographers are some of the most well known names in the area, and have decided to lend their incredible talents to Bellagala to make themselves more accessible to you. With these esteemed names in the industry, we offer you the absolute best in wedding videography.



Your videographer will contact you within two days of the receipt of a booking notification. They will work with you via phone, email, and in-person meetings to develop your videographic vision and expectations. The day of, your videographer will shoot continuously throughout the day, working alongside your photographer to capture every detail of your wedding, after which they work to compile the footage into a montage of the best and most memorable moments throughout the day. You will receive a finished DVD including footage from your ceremony, toasts, and a cinematic highlight reel. Contact your sales consultant for full package inclusions and details. The DVD will be delivered to you from Bellagala within ten weeks after your event.


· MATCH your videography style with a videographer of your choice

· SAVE you money with flexible pricing that works within your budget

· CUSTOMIZE your videography package based on your unique needs

· PROVIDE peace of mind with backup videographers

· ELIMINATE stress by offering educational tools and online resources