10 Tips For Working With Your Wedding Photographer

bride and groom

Your wedding photos hold a significant amount of importance. When the wedding day has come and gone, you will use these photos to show people for years to come just how beautiful your day was. Your wedding images are really the only things that will capture and show every detail of your wedding day. These pictures are seriously so special! 

There is so much time and effort that goes into planning a wedding and getting every detail just right. One of those details is your wedding photographer, and there is no doubt you've spent countless hours finding the best photographer for your big day! Knowing how much time you've devoted to finding your photographer, there is no doubt that you want the best working relationship with them. We're sharing 10 of our best tips to help you and your photographer thrive on your wedding day!

bride and groom

1. Have you thought about an engagement session?

We know we talk about these all the time, but they are seriously the best. Having that time with your photographer before the big day helps to build your relationship and comfort level. You'll learn their photography style, feel more confident in front of the camera, and get a sneak preview of what your wedding images will look like. It's a win-win!

2. Nail down your morning plans

The morning of your wedding is filled with so much excitement and anticipation. As you plan the details of that morning, consider where you'll be getting ready. A location with tons of natural light will be amazing for your photographer (and hair and makeup team!). Also, keeping that space clean and organized will ensure your photos all look beautiful & cohesive. Want to really wow your photographer? Gather any detail items (invitations, jewelry, letters, etc.) you want them to photograph in one space. Having all those items ready to go will save your photographer time & any added stress. What a great way to start the day!


3. Add buffer time

If photographs are important to you, be sure to add extra buffer time into your timeline for all photos. Nobody wants to cut your portraits short because guests are arriving. After adding some additional photo buffer time, you might question if you've booked your photographer for enough hours. If that's the case, add some extra hours to your photography package to put any nerves at ease. 

4. Consider a first look

While we fully support any couple that wants to wait until the aisle to see each other, a first look is so helpful for your photographer. By doing a first look, you can take literally all of your pictures before the ceremony (including wedding party + family photos). How amazing is that? Then after the ceremony, you can relax and join the celebrations!

first look

5. Share your wedding vision

Throughout the planning process, you've worked hard to nail down every detail and create a beautiful wedding day. By communicating the overall vision that you have for your wedding with your photographer, you are setting them up for success. They'll know if you want romantic pictures or more of a party vibe. They'll know which details mean the most to you, and of any surprise details you have lined up for the wedding day. 

6. Communicate your photography dreams

While you probably chose your photographer because of their unique style, it is still important to communicate any specific hopes you want for your wedding photos. If you want more serious images rather than candid photos, be sure to tell your photographer. Some additional important details to communicate with your photographer are things like specific shots you want (veil pictures, using flower petals as props, etc.), or if you want to include any additional people (your personal attendants or ring bearers/flower girls) in wedding party pictures. 


7. Create a formal shot list

When it comes to family photos it is super helpful if you create a list of the different family combos you want to be photographed. Believe it or not, your photographer probably doesn't know all of your family dynamics, so creating this list for them to go off of will help them out tremendously. 

8. Communicate with your VIPs

Communication is key - especially when it comes to your VIPs! Your VIPs are anybody included in photos. Communicate with them what time they are needed, and exactly where to meet. This will save your photographer the headache of trying to hunt down Aunt Karen, giving them more time to devote to pictures! 

wedding day

9. Prep your reception details

We know you've worked hard to create a beautiful event, and your photographer wants to capture all of those details. Ask your other vendors ahead of time if they can try and have the reception space set and ready to go a little early so that your photographer can capture those details before your guests transition into that space. 

10. Any Questions? Ask your photographer! 

The last tip we have for you to create a pleasant working relationship with your photographer is to ask them questions. Ask your photographer if there's anything you can do to help make their job easier, or what other details they may need from you. Asking simple questions like this shows that you care about your photographer and that you genuinely want to help them achieve their best results. Setting up an open environment like this for your photographer will encourage them to thrive, and allow everyone to have the best time on the wedding day! Is there anything better than that? 

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