Bellagala Advocate Program

Earn 3% commission for every successful referral


We are partnering with people like you to offer a better planning experience and higher level of service for referrals. 

Working with the same vendors means less time coordinating and worrying about other vendors and more time to focus on creating an exceptional event for the client. 

Plus, Advocates enrolled in the program receive 3% commission and your referral will receive a 3% discount!

How Does it Work?

1. Apply Below

Simply complete the application form to join the program. Your application will be reviewed prior to acceptance into the program. Please see eligibility here.

2. Connect

Once accepted, a team member will reach out to walk you through the program as well as any tools and resources needed. This will include a referral link and discount code that you can provide your clients.

3. Earn

Once you’ve partnered with Bellagala we will work with you to provide the best experience and highest quality service. With each booking you will earn a 5% reward that can be redeemed in cash or services.