DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota
DJ - Timothy L - Bellagala | Minnesota

DJ - Timothy L

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  • DJ will contact you within one week of confirmed booking
  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days
  • Backup DJ and equipment on-call
  • Access to DJ Music Mobile App, Vibo, to hand-select songs, answer questionnaires and invite guests to request music - learn more here!
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • DJ arrives 90 minutes prior to guest arrival, plays until reception ends
  • Coordinates activities with your venue and vendors
  • Announcements and emcee responsibilities
  • Setup and teardown included (table must be provided by venue/client)
  • Professional Electro-Voice Sound Equipment
  • Wireless microphone
  • LED sound activated lighting system
  • Customizations:
    • Ceremony
      • On-site = Same location as reception
      • Off-site = Different location than reception
    • Event Lighting
      • 8-12 Uplights


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central St. Paul

Meet Timothy B, your energetic, connection-driven, and collaborative wedding DJ extraordinaire. Beyond the turntables, Timothy is a multifaceted musician with a passion for connecting people through music. Timothy's creativity knows no bounds. He believes in the transformative power of music to bring people together, and his dedication to crafting memorable experiences reflects this ethos.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Jason Wade and Jimmy Hendrix, Timothy's musical journey is one of self-discovery and authenticity. He aspires to be his own unique artist, continually evolving and growing while staying true to himself.

In his spare time, Timothy immerses himself in creative pursuits, from playing the guitar and writing music to crafting stories and designing board games. His boundless creativity and passion for creation make him the perfect collaborator for couples looking to infuse their wedding day with personal touches and unique experiences.

If Timothy's life were a song, it would be titled "Ever so low, keep on going," reflecting his resilience in the face of adversity and his commitment to growth and self-improvement. For engaged couples seeking a DJ who brings energy, connection, and collaboration to their wedding celebration, Timothy B is the perfect choice to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.