Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H
Florist - Lorrie H

Florist - Lorrie H

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Please Note: This product serves as a deposit to reserve your florist. You will receive a custom floral quote from your artist within 60 days of placing your deposit. Your 14 day refundable period begins upon receipt of the quote. If you do not initiate a refund within the 14 day period, the remaining minimum balance ($1,300) is due 75 days after you placed your deposit. You may work with your florist to revise your quote up until 31 days prior to your event. Any balance added beyond your $1,500 minimum is due 30 days prior to your event.

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  • $1500 minimum order with only $200 deposit due today
    • Floral minimum does not include taxes and fees
  • Florist will contact you within one week of confirmed booking
  • The designer will develop a custom quote after an initial consultation
  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days after florist’s quote is delivered
  • Remaining minimum order balance of $1300 is due after the refundable period
  • Itemized price quote with unlimited revisions until 21 days before your event, at this time, your final floral balance is due
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Uniquely creative designs with the freshest flowers
  • Delivery and other add-ons available


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central St. Paul

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Meet Lorrie H, a versatile and talented florist whose love for flowers blossomed during walks with her grandmother, where she learned to create beauty from nature's treasures. Lorrie's passion for all things floral has only grown stronger over the years, fueled by her gardening hobby and her dedication to her craft as a florist.

Based primarily in Northern Minnesota, Lorrie's expertise transcends geographical boundaries, whether she's orchestrating events in the bustling metropolitan area or curating experiences in the serene expanses of the north. Her flexibility and adaptability allow her to seamlessly cater to the needs of couples, no matter the setting or style of their wedding.

What sets Lorrie apart is her warm and engaging personality, which shines through in every interaction with her clients. She delights in being a part of couples' wedding planning journeys, guiding them through the process with ease and helping them bring their vision to life, even if they're unsure where to start.

For engaged couples seeking a talented florist who is not only flexible and skilled but also personable and attentive to their needs, Lorrie H is the perfect choice to add a touch of floral magic to their special day. She feels honored and blessed to be a part of each couple's journey and considers it a privilege to contribute to their unforgettable wedding experience.