Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P
Photographer - Andrew P

Photographer - Andrew P

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Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central St. Paul

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Meet Andrew P, a photographer whose journey with the lens began in 2007, blossoming into a profound love for capturing the essence of human emotions and celebrations.  Andrew has finely honed his wedding photography style through his extensive experience with numerous couples, celebrating their love and commitment. His approach seamlessly blends discretion with the assertiveness needed to capture those breathtaking, treasured moments that couples hold dear.

Growing up in Russia, Andrew's artistic vision is deeply influenced by the grandeur and depth of European masters, yet his work is imbued with a contemporary flair that renders his photographs timeless. His adeptness at navigating diverse cultural landscapes allows him to connect genuinely with people from various backgrounds, a skill particularly invaluable on the wedding day—a confluence of families and traditions.

Andrew's preference for natural lighting, complemented by strategic use of free-standing studio lights, adds a polished, refined look to his images. His dedication to his craft has adorned homes across the US with stunning, custom artwork that encapsulates the beauty of their special day.

Beyond photography, Andrew finds joy in listening to Stephen King audiobooks and restoring antique estate pipes. Residing on Grand Ave in St Paul with his wife and four children, Andrew embodies positivity, an easy-going nature, and unwavering dedication to capturing the perfect shots that echo a lifetime.