Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B
Photographer - Markina B

Photographer - Markina B

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  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days
  • Photographer will contact you within one week of booking
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Back-up Lead Photographer on-call for your event
  • 75-100/hour of color corrected images
  • Professional post-production with 4-6 week turnaround time
  • Shareable online gallery with high-resolution images
  • Digital download with full rights
  • Professional printing options available
  • Plus, a free 8x10 print for every registered gallery viewer!
  • Customization Options:
    • Hours of Coverage
    • 2nd Photographer
    • Engagement or Bridal Session
    • Photo Albums


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central St. Paul

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Meet Markina, a detailed, creative, and diligent wedding photographer who brings a unique blend of city flair and country charm to every shoot. Despite being a city girl at heart, Markina finds solace in the countryside while dreaming of sandy beaches. A lover of Mexican cuisine and margaritas with friends, she embraces life's pleasures and treasures each moment.

Markina's passion for photography stems from her love of capturing emotional moments and turning them into lasting memories. Her upbeat attitude and knack for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera set her apart, ensuring that your wedding day is not only relaxed and stress-free but also fun and memorable.

With a diligent approach to her craft, Markina goes above and beyond to capture every detail and nuance of your special day. Whether it's a stolen glance between lovers or the subtle beauty of a floral arrangement, she strives to create images that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Choosing Markina means choosing more than just a photographer; it means selecting a dedicated professional who will work tirelessly to tell your love story in a way that is both creative and authentic. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories as Markina beautifully captures the essence of your wedding day.